Rupal Glass brings Autoclave-free lamination line

August 8, 2017 Events0

Elicits Huge Response At China Glass 2017 In Beijing

Quality machines at affordable prices give you the best in value. This machine is the most convenient one for all. After years of research and development, Rupal Glass proudly announces a revolutionary autoclavefree oven. It is a truly autoclave-free production oven making PVB laminated glass.

At the China Glass 2017 in Beijing, Rupal Glass exhibited a ground-breaking PVB laminating machine with vacuum bag oven system. It is a cost effective state-of-the-art technological upgrade and is a must-have for all glass processors. This machine will cover all micro segments in the industry. Rupal has produced Sentry lamination of this machine. It underwent PVB laminated glass testing at IIT-Chennai where it performed successfully. At their second appearance at the China Glass exhibition, Rupal Glass displayed the autoclave-free PVB lamination line with its manufacturer Xi’an Mers Electric Equipment co., ltd., which holds a patent right to the machine. The unit elicited an outstanding response from the international as well as the Indian market. Rupal Glass has already sold nine vacuum bag oven machines in India. The biggest unit, with a dimension of 8ftx16ft, was acquired by Hyderabad Safety Glass Works, where it is run successfully. Rupal Glass also participated in the same exhibition at another booth with Beijing-based switchable glass company AB tech. With this Rupal Glass becomes the first supplier of switchable film products in India. Switchable transparent film is a light modulating material comprised of droplets of liquid crystal uniformly dispersed in a transparent or translucent flexible plastic film. The days of importing switchable glass films are now gone. Rupal Glass will now assemble and supply the raw materials and necessary technological support to local manufacturers enabling them to process the films on their own.

About the Company
Rupal Glass was established in the year 1970, when it was solely organised and managed by Mr. Vinod Makwna. Now it has been 25 years that the business is being handled and organised by Mr. Bhavesh Makwna. Rupal Glass has updated itself to adapt to the changing needs of the industry with time.


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