Tempered ‘Non-Stick’ ClearShield Eco-Glass™

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Ritec Presents The Only Liquid-Based Glass Surface Protection Technology Not Classified As Hazardous

The use of safety glass on façades and in some parts of the house is well established in building codes and regulations around the world. However, both the industry and endusers of glass are well aware that there is a serious need for surface protection in order to maintain the original properties of glass, as well as to resist staining and discolouration.

Ritec International’s ClearShield Eco-System™ applied in the factory to tempered glass sets a new standard by achieving ‘surface-protected safety glass’. Proven successfully on countless prestigious buildings over the past 36 years, it is prescribed by many architects and building owners around the world for protection before, during and after construction. ClearShield® is also the only surface protection technology not classified as hazardous. It is therefore the only technology that can be applied at the end of the tempering line, presenting true business opportunities for glass processors who are able to increase their competitiveness by adding unique selling points to their glass, differentiate against competition and generate more profits.

What is ClearShield® and why is it specified on buildings around the world?

The award-winning system upgrades ordinary, unprotected glass, whether annealed or tempered, into ClearShield Eco-Glass™. This new type of protected glass is ‘non-stick’, easy-clean and looks pristine for much longer. ClearShield® has been proven to durably resist contamination in all types of environments. It is a unique technology based on a polymeric resin that cross-links with the glass and itself, becoming part of the glass and giving the protection excellent durability. It will never peel, crack or discolour like a coating. In contrast, competitive alcohol-based waterrepellent coatings have very limited durability and are classified as hazardous and flammable. The specialist protection has also been specified by architects for glass in buildings prior to construction. This has many added benefits, including:

•  Protection of glass during transportation and installation
•  Any contamination from harsh building materials (e.g. concrete

splatter, cement dust) during construction is easily removed, reducing costly delays Ujwala Bhagwat of Ritec India, the authorised distributor in the region, says: “Once the building is in use, facility managers find that maintaining ClearShield Eco-Glass™ is easier and less costly as the frequency of cleaning is reduced – typically by half – and occupants can benefit from better daylighting and a long-lasting pristine appearance between cleaning cycles.” ClearShield® is an integral part of the ClearShield Eco-System™ – the only complete system for glass surface renovation, protection and maintenance. It has been used on all kinds of buildings worldwide including the Marina Bay Financial Centre in Singapore, Grand Hotel Tijuana in Mexico, the Parliament of Georgia, International Towers Sydney, Australia and a glass structure on a church in Washington DC, USA. The ClearShield® protection also provides great benefits to residential, decorative, shower and marine glass.

Why is ClearShield® a new business opportunity for glass processors?

Tempered ‘non-stick’ ClearShield Eco-Glass™ is more desirable and higher in value because it provides real solutions to specifiers and users of glass. It is also the only glass surface protection technology with its own market values proven by actual field experience in each market sector. Therefore every square metre of tempered glass protected with ClearShield® is more competitive and yields extra profits. Higher profits are achieved with little or no delay and no capital investment by starting with the ClearSpray™ ‘M10’ manual application. This machine can be upgraded at any time to the fully automatic ‘HT1500’ which is specifically designed for ClearShield® in-line application at the end of a glass tempering line. Using either the ‘M10’ Manual or the ‘HT1500’ fully automatic ClearSpray™ machine to apply ClearShield® onto flat or curved glass improves efficiency and reduces glass handling. Ritec ClearShield® is the only durable, ‘non-stick’ glass surface treatment proven safe and easy to apply at the end of a tempering line. Unlike alcoholbased, water-repellent treatments (AWTs), Ritec ClearShield® is:
– not classified as flammable because it has no flash point;
– not intoxicating or narcotic;
– not classified as hazardous for other reasons


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