Glasswin facilitates installation of new furnace sourced from Southtech Tempering

August 16, 2022 Company News0

Glasswin Among Biggest Suppliers Of UPVC, Aluminum & Glass Processing Machines From Abroad

China-based Southtech Tempering, in association with its new sales and service partner for India Glasswin Engineering, has installed a new tempering furnace at Rangate Glass LLP.

Glasswin, a legacy built over 20 years of experience in the field of fenestration and glass processing machinery sales and service, is characterised by technology leadership and pertinent solutions, driving customer-centric products with efficient and prompt service support through its widespread network in India.
Established in 2012, Glasswin is one of the biggest suppliers in India for UPVC, aluminum and glass processing machines sourced from top international brands from Europe and Asia. It is constantly diversifying by introducing new products to become a total solutions provider to the industry.
Glasswin recently partnered with South Glass Technology Co Ltd of China to supply its furnace in the Indian market. Southtech Tempering is a leading company that manufactures technologically advanced glass tempering furnaces.
It has super-large-scale modern production bases in Foshan, Guangdong and Wuhu, Anhui.
While grasping growth opportunities in emerging markets at home and abroad, South Glass (Southtech) vigorously enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises in key technology fields. Its products are exported to more than 20 countries in
Europe, America and Southeast Asia, including the United States, Germany, and Russia, creating a consistent and reliable product experience for partners in different regions. The company has nearly 100 patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights.
Following the tie-up, Glasswin helped set up a new Southtech tempering furnace at Rangate Glass in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Rangate is one of the top manufactures in India for door and window profiles.
It has its own production unit with world-class machinery and technology. Rangate Aluminum is one of the leading brands in uPVC and aluminum windows, door and partition manufacturing. The company has now decided to expand in the field of glass tempering and processing.

Southtech Glass Tempering furnace specifications installed at Rangate Glass
– Maximum glass size – 4,200 mm x 2,440 mm
– Minimum glass size – 300 mm x 300 mm
– Glass thickness – 4 to 19 mm
– Top convection

The Southtech furnace is integrated with a Vortech convection system, making it a unique system. The air blown out from the Vortech blower and heated by the heat circulation system and the waste heat in the furnace directly brings to the glass surface.
Combined with the “Exposed Matrix Heating Design” with refined diversion design, the production time of 6mm double silver Low – e glass can reach 280 – 300 s/ batch. A perfect convection system with the lowest power consumption and the lowest maintenance cost.