Olumpus Glasses’ state-of-the-art horizontal tempering furnace starts production

August 18, 2022 Company News1

Can Temper All Types Of Glass – Clear & Tinted Float, High-Performance Reflective, Low-E – Of 3000x6000mm Size

One of the foremost and progressive processing companies of northern India, Olumpus Glasses Pvt Ltd has been engaged in the pr oduction of high quality world-class tempered glass since the last eight years.

The company based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, has recently expanded its business.
Olumpus Glasses Director Mr Vivek Gupta, a dynamic leader and visionary, recently said the company’s recently imported jumbo-size flat tempering furnace (10”x20”) from China-based LandGlass Technology has started production in the last week of June.
He said the automatic and advanced furnace can temper all types of glass – clear and tinted float glass, high-performance reflective glass, low-e glass – of 3,000*6,000 mm size having a thickness of 4-19 mm as per international standards.
This state-of-the-art tempering furnace has an unmatched ‘quality monitoring system’ to continuously maintain the excellent quality of the tempered glass it manufactures, Gupta said.
The uniform heating and cooling system and high-grade ceramic rollers used in this furnace not only maintain the flatness of the tempered glass, but also add more shine to the reflective glass coating, he added.
This force convection tempering furnace not only produces world-class excellent quality tempered glass, but also has high production capacity, the Olumpus Glasses director asserted.
Olumpus has witnessed phenomenal business growth in its eight years of glass processing. The company imported its first tempering furnace (8”x14”) from China’s Land Glass in June 2014. Just nine months later, it imported an insulating glass line from world-renowned South Korea-based ‘EKANG’. This glass line started producing insulated glass of up to 2,440×3,660 mm from February 2015.
Thereafter, the company also established a PVB laminating glass line within a year to complete its architectural range. This unit has been in production since 2016 and produces glass of 3,000mmx6,000 mm size.

About the company
An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Olumpus Glasses Pvt Ltd works with many prominent agencies, supplying glass as per the customer needs. The company has state-ofthe-art infrastructure and high-tech machinery, giving it a huge production capacity. Olumpus has a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) licence, which enables it to print the ISI mark on its glass.

Email: olumpusglasses@gmail.com
Website: www.olumpus.net

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