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August 29, 2023 Technical Articles0

Offers Solutions For All Glass Processing Needs, Ensures Optimal Performance

cericom machines are equipped with the latest in laser technology which allows users to decorate and drill glass easily and precisely

cericom Laser, a renowned name in the field of glass laser processing, proudly presents its cutting-edge solutions. With a firm commitment to delivering high-performance technology, the company has established itself in the industry. Its expertise and dedication to precision engineering have made cericom the go-to choice for businesses worldwide.
When it comes to processing glass, cericom’s specialised laser processing machines are the perfect partner.

They offer the ideal solutions for all glass processing needs, ensuring not just optimal performance, but also a valuable investment for your business.
As the demand for glass processing continues to rise, cericom Laser offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries.
Whether you want to frost the surface of the glass, structure it three-dimensionally on the inside, or drill into complex shapes without touching it, with cericom’s glass laser processing solutions, you can realize sophisticated projects in architecture and design and offer customers something new and revolutionary.
cericom machines are equipped with the latest laser technology and allow users to decorate and drill glass easily and precisely.

cericom Laser has been consistently developing its technology for years, combining glass and light in unimagined ways and offering its customers unparalleled performance and reliability. The Germany-based company offers a range of machine models to choose from to ensure customers get the equipment that best fits their needs and budget.

c-vertica, the space saver
Wherever horizontal alignment of the glass is not required, this system provides a powerful laser machine for glass processing.
c-mark | Marking Module The c-mark module can be used wherever high-quality markings are required or copyright is an issue.

c-cut 300/300 | Laser Glass Drilling / Milling Machine
This machine is designed for laser cutting, drilling and milling of optically transparent brittle materials, primarily for laser processing of glass.
With cericom’s commitment to global delivery, businesses around the world can benefit from its specialized laser processing machines. Be it in Europe, North America, Asia, or any other corner of the globe, cericom ensures that its state-of-the-art solutions are always accessible.

About the company
Since 2002, cericom (formerly known as cerion) has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing laser machines for glass processing worldwide

Email: info@cericom.de
Website: www.cericom.de