Saugaat announces collaboration with silicon-based material expert Elkem

November 13, 2023 Company News0

Saugaat Is Expanding Business Partnerships With Globally Acclaimed Brands

Together with Elkem India, Saugaat aspires to redefine the architectural landscape, transforming structures into symbols of progress and sustainability.

Saugaat Inc. announces its ongoing expansion of business partnerships with internationally acclaimed brands, reaffirming its dedication to nurturing robust collaborative relationships. The company’s commitment to actively engaging in cooperative ventures that drive the advancement of cutting-edge products, alongside these esteemed industry leaders, is unwavering.
Saugaat takes pride in its collaboration with Elkem, a global frontrunner headquartered in Norway, renowned for its expertise in siliconbased materials for almost 120 years. With a history dating back to 1904, Elkem has been a pioneer in the development of silicones, silicon products, and carbon solutions, utilizing natural raw materials and sustainable energy sources.
In 1944, Rhône-Poulenc began its foray into silicone research, initiating their involvement in the field. They expanded internationally with the establishment of Siliconas Hispana in Barcelona. In 1957, Elkem achieved a significant milestone with the introduction of the world’s first silicone sealant cartridge.
Over the years, Elkem Silicones has become a prominent provider of construction silicone sealant products, contributing to the improvement of living environments in the construction industry. Elkem continued to grow strategically through key acquisitions, including Basel Chemie and Polysil in Asia in 2019 and 2020, and a new facility in France in 2021. These acquisitions collectively strengthened Elkem ‘s presence and growth in the specialized silicone sector.

Together with Elkem India, Saugaat aspires to redefine the architectural landscape, transforming structures into symbols of progress and sustainability.
At present, Elkem stands as a prominent global provider of advanced material solutions, boasting a workforce of over 6,800 employees and a network of 29 production sites spanning the globe.
Elkem has launched STARSILTM project-oriented sealants in India, a significant development for the construction and building industry. These sealants offer various solutions for different applications, ensuring reliability and performance.
The following is an overview of the sealants and their intended purposes: STARSILTM XH 9101: Insulating Glazing Sealant. This is a twocomponent, neutral-curing silicone sealant designed specifically for insulating glass assembly.
STARSILTM SLT 9100: Silicone Sealant for Insulating Glass. This is a two-component, 100% silicone sealant tailored for insulating glass applications.
Apart from these insulating glass sealants, Elkem is also introducing a variety of other silicone sealants. These include structural, waterproofing, 100% weather-proof, weatherproofing sealant designed for stone, kitchen and bathroom sealant as well as general-purpose neutral silicone sealant.
Collectively Saugaat Inc. and STARSILTM shall cover a broad spectrum of construction needs, from glass and structural sealing to weatherproofing and general-purpose sealing. Elkem ‘s product range aims to meet the diverse requirements of construction projects in India, emphasizing durability and reliability in their sealant solutions.

Saugaat Inc. is actively engaged in a fruitful collaboration with Kuraray and H.B. Fuller | Kömmerling, collectively focusing on the development of diverse products and the effective resolution of technical challenges associated with glass.