HEGLA makes room for growth with new logistics centre

November 13, 2023 Company News0

Will Combine Its Individual Warehouses On An Area Of 3,000 Square Metres

Besides storage and assembly areas, the logistics centre will contain office and social spaces for HEGLA employees.

A groundbreaking ceremony marks the start of a major investment at HEGLA. At its location in Beverungen, Germany, the company is building a new logistics centre that will combine its individual warehouses on an area of 3,000 square metres.

At the same time, the floor space freed up in the existing warehouses will be used as additional capacity for production. The functional building will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Various warehouse lift systems, mobile pallet and high-bay storage racks and modern warehouse management software will make processes more efficient and simplify workflows.

Delivery and goods handling in one central place
Delivery of all raw materials, goods and supplied parts for the three location and be directly accessible. The processes will be controlled and monitored via automated labelling and scanning. This enables delivery inventories to be queried in real-time, re-orders to be immediately triggered and spare parts to be shipped at short notice. Shorter paths, simplified workflows and higher efficiency are only some of the strategic goals of the warehouse, which will be located at the heart of the 95,000 m² company premises and centralise logistics and the provision of all materials.

Improve efficiency and performance

Alongside storage and assembly areas, the logistics centre will contain office and social spaces for the employees from the warehouse, logistics, purchasing and work preparation departments. This change will bring the departments modern working conditions with short communication and work paths. “With the new logistics centre, we are positioning ourselves for the future and improving the performance of our warehouse, provision and production processes,” says Managing Director Peter Herrmann. “The measures will also free up floor space in the factories that we can repurpose for production with a view towards our further growth.”

It took almost two years to complete the planning and approvals phase, and now the first construction measures can begin. “With the investment of €4.5 million, we are strengthening the Beverungen location, developing our competitive ability further and committing to ‘Quality made in Germany’ for the future,” explains Bernhard Hötger, Managing Director of the HEGLA Group, to justify the investment decision. According to the plan, the logistics centre will be completed in September 2024.

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