Denmark’s Glashaerderiet installs water filtration system from Filtraglass

November 13, 2023 Company News0

Water Treatment Systems Help Improve Production Rate, Reduce Pollution

With over 20 years of experience, Filtraglass is a renowned international market leader, providing cutting-edge systems and exporting them to various countries.

Filtraglass, with over 20 years of experience, is a specialist in the manufacture of water filtration systems for all types of glass industries, covering a wide sector of the automotive and optics industries, as well as the transformation of flat glass in general.
Throughout its long history, the company has become a renowned international market leader, providing cutting-edge systems and exporting them to various countries. Today, its water filtration systems can be found in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The latest system to be installed by Filtraglass was at Glashaerderiet (Denmark).

Q: Why did you decide to buy a purification machine?
Glashaerderiet: There are a number of reasons which led to this decision. First and foremost, having a water treatment system in place enables us to significantly reduce our water consumption. We are thus able to both improve our production rate (because the machine doesn’t need to be switched off to change the water) and additionally, pollution is reduced. Another vital factor for us is that using clean, good quality water in our handling machines means they last longer and their parts don’t need changing as often. Similarly, as the water doesn’t have to be changed we can now reduce our coolant consumption.

Q: Why did you choose Filtraglass systems?
Glashaerderiet: We opted for Filtraglass because it’s a brand with many years of experience and is renowned worldwide. Moreover, right from the beginning, Filtraglass proved themselves to be reliable and professional making us feel confident we had made the right decision. At the initial meeting with them, they understood our needs and provided us with customised advice on which system would meet the requirements of our company. In our opinion, their professional attitude and attention to detail were key. Without a doubt, the fact that their systems enable us to do our bit for the environment is also a huge plus.

Q: On a day-to-day basis, what are the most noticeable differences after purchasing a Filtraglass system?
Glashaerderiet: Besides the obvious reduction in the amount we pay for our water supply, there are two other changes that can be emphasised. Firstly, an overall improvement in the quality of the final product; since we installed the first Filtraglass system, our glass displays a transparent finish with absolutely no signs of dust marks and debris. This sparkling finish reflects positively on the quality of the product we offer and the reputation we have with our customers. Furthermore, and also very importantly, our productivity has increased because there is no need to stop the production line for maintenance work anymore. Our machines are working non-stop, so we’re now able to offer more in the same amount of time.

Q: What has your relationship with Filtraglass been like over time?
Glashaerderiet: From the outset, wehave had a very positive business relationship with Filtraglass. This began before we even purchased the machine, with their advice, then during installation, which also went very smoothly, and now with their technical and after-sales service. The Filtraglass team is always willing to help us resolve any queries or problems whenever they arise and we also appreciate being able to contact them in a variety of ways, including WhatsApp, which is very practical. From the moment we started working with Filtraglass, Luis and his team have been monitoring it to ensure it runs smoothly and have always offered to help when necessary. This excellent relationship and after-sales service is another real advantage along with everything else the company offers.

Q: How do you see the future of the glass industry?
Glashaerderiet: We see an industry becoming more centralised by larger established companies. These companies have a broader approach to optimising general operating costs, and maintenance of machines, as well as a focus on the green transition. We are already seeing that thinking about the environment and offering a green solution, meeting customer demands for sustainability, is gaining more and more ground in the Nordic countries.
Deciding on a transition in a company from a more traditional operation, to thinking green and taking social responsibility into the company is a big decision and involves a lot of work, it is something that everyone will have to do sooner or later, and we believe that those who do get a head start will have a better competitive parameter and be stronger in the market, EPD – LCA – ESG, is the focus already now, and will be for many years to come. We predict that those in the glass industry who dare to take the plunge into a greener future will undoubtedly reap great advantages from doing so.