NorthGlass and Glasstechnik join forces to improve services in Germany

February 7, 2024 Company News0

Strategic Partnership Aimed At Achieving Enhanced Glass Services

Tie-up to elevate glass services in Germany, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership for enhanced customer satisfaction and industry advancement.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the glass tempering furnace industry, NorthGlass has sold more than 5,900 tempering furnaces in 112 countries since 1995 with an average annual sales quantity of more than 300 furnaces in the last 10 years, thanks to its advanced technology and rich professional experience.

Europe has always played an important role in NorthGlass’s overseas market and Germany is definitely one of the key markets in Europe. To provide more efficient and convenient services to NorthGlass’s German customers, NorthGlass recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Glastechnik Holger Kramp GmbH, to improve the sales and after-sales service in Germany.

NorthGlass and Glasstechnik join forces to improve services in Germany

“After doing serious market research, we finally decided to invite Glastechnik Holger Kramp GmbH working together with NorthGlass, to bring more benefits to our customers in Germany. I believe that this cooperation will create a win-win-win situation for all involved parties”, said Mr.Johnny LI, International Sales Director of NorthGlass.

“Before making this decision, NorthGlass had terminated the cooperation with our former agency ATN Anlagentechnik Naethbohm GmbH,” he added.