Innovators in glass machinery: Handong’s precision craftsmanship

February 7, 2024 Company Report0

Company’s Strong Production Capacity Ensures Timely Product Delivery

Handong’s Glass Washing Machine series and Laminated Glass Production Line series encompass over 100 machine models, showcasing the company’s commitment to diverse and cutting-edge solutions.

Delving into the realm of precision and craftsmanship, Shenzhen Handong Glass Equipment Manufacturing Company Limited has evolved into a prominent glass deep processing machine manufacturer. The company seamlessly integrates design and development, processing and manufacturing, marketing, and aftersales service.

Cutting-edge product lines:
Automatic Laminated Glass Production Line
Handong’s Automatic Laminated Glass Production Line, centrally controlled by PLC, embodies automation and intelligence. With real-time remote monitoring, glass positioning, and assembling accuracy of ±0.5mm, this line exemplifies precision in every aspect. Its modular design allows for various configurations, making it adaptable to diverse production needs.

Innovators in glass machinery: Handong’s precision craftsmanship

Full Forced Convection Furnace
The Full Forced Convection Furnace is a well-designed marvel, boasting a stainless steel air circulation system processed with laser numerical control for unparalleled precision.
With a focus on energy efficiency, this furnace operates at low temperatures, making it ideal for SGP laminating, low-e laminating, sheet glass laminating, and reducing energy consumption by 30% – 50%. Its low maintenance requirements and reduced personnel costs set it apart from traditional equipment.

Innovators in glass machinery: Handong’s precision craftsmanship
Glass Autoclave
Handong’s Glass Autoclave adheres to GB/ASME/CE standards and is meticulously designed for safety and efficiency. With multilayer protection, rigorous manufacturing processes, and advanced production technology, it ensures reliable and secure operations. The autoclave’s internal insulation board, water-cooled motor, and efficient heating system contribute to a production cycle of 3.5-6 hours.

Solar Glass Washing Machine
Controlled by PLC and displayed on a touch screen, the Solar Glass Washing Machine offers reliable, long-term operation. It boasts targeted optimization designs for various glass deep processing processes and features an air blower with internal circulation structures. With its industrial aluminum alloy splicing structure and market-leading position in China, it stands as a testament to Handong’s commitment to excellence.

Innovators in glass machinery: Handong’s precision craftsmanship
Establishing excellence
With over two decades of experience, Shenzhen Handong Glass Equipment Manufacturing Company Limited has expanded its operations to include sheet metal, welding, machining, painting, electrical installation, and other complete processes in the production department. This robust infrastructure ensures strong production capacity, guaranteeing the timely delivery of products.

Handong has forged deep and meaningful collaborations with industry giants such as Lens Technology, Huaxing Optoelectronics, BOE, Foxconn, Berne Optics, CSG Group, Flat Group, China National Building Materials Group, Kibing Group, PSG Group, Fuyao Group, Saint-Gobain Group, Taiwan Glass Group, NSG Pilkington, and more than 1,000 other glass processing enterprises.

Handong’s machines are exported to dozens of countries and regions across five continents and four oceans, establishing the company as a global leader in the glass processing industry.

In 2022, Handong marked a new chapter with the establishment of a 50,000 square meters production base in Changzhou. Looking ahead, Handong is set to own two production bases in Shenzhen and Changzhou, solidifying its position as a leading innovator.

Innovators in glass machinery: Handong’s precision craftsmanship
Future endeavors will focus on deep processing of architectural glass, thin sheet glass processing for electronic products, solar photovoltaic glass processing, and new energy vehicle glass processing.

In essence, Handong, with its commitment to precision, innovation, and customer satisfaction, stands as a stalwart in the glass industry, shaping the future with cutting-edge technology and a vision for excellence.

May Xian
Thomas Tong