How to care for your doors and windows in Winter?

February 12, 2018 Technical Articles0

Winters is that part of the year when everyone wants to snuggle up and avoid going out when it is freezing. Keeping the doors and windows maintained will be one option to consider to avoid the draught from entering in. But the draught will not enter if you have placed the right kind of doors and windows in your house. One must ensure that the windows that are installed provide energy efficiency, natural light and all round relaxation and safety to you and your home. One needs to check few things to keep in mind that the windows look good not only from inside but also from outside.

Check Your Window Quality

If you initially invested in a superior quality window half your window woes are solved. A good quality door or window is an advantage as this will be a one-time investment. You will not have to worry time and again as to what needs to be done or how to care for it. Here half the battle is won if you have a window that will sustain for 3 or 4 decades.

Check for gaps

It is essential to check for gaps before winter commences. Take a look at your window glass, frames, hardware before winter sets in. If there is a gap between the window, frame and hardware get it fixed immediately. If there is a small gap or a large one has to get it fixed and it should not be neglected.

Check the Glass

This may seem like a very small issue but it still needs your attention. It may need to be replaced. Reputed companies usually provide 5 years of service so these issues even if it occurs will be resolved.

Clean the window

If you have uPVC window you will not face a problem to clean or maintain it. A wood window will surely need proper maintenance and cleaning. Wipe it at regular intervals. Follow cleaning instructions given by the fabricator. If you clean the windows it will work better in keeping it from getting ruined.

Protect the Windows

Though reputed companies will surely ensure that the windows they manufacture are built keeping in mind the extreme weather conditions of India you should still do some of your bit to keep it away from moisture. Moisture indicates different changes in temperature inside and outside can actually harm your window. Excess of moisture may stain your window seal and frames, and it may even rot the wood. And of course, if you are still confused as to how to take care of the windows and doors you can ask your window fabricator for help.


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