Window Magic brings perfect variations in uPVC doors & windows

February 12, 2018 Product Hunt0

Every Product Manufactured By The Brand Exemplifies Fineness And Innovation 

One of the initial introducers of uPVC in India, Window Magic today is widely recognized as the leading manufacturer of premium uPVC doors and windows. Every product manufactured by the brand exemplifies fineness and innovation

Window Magic, with more than 10 years of experience, has been successfully offering products that are manufactured keeping customer satisfaction as the top priority. With excellent quality blended with German technology, Window Magic has introduced visually appealing products of the utmost quality. Understanding the significance of environment preservation, the company presents windows and doors that are recyclable and reusable. At Window Magic, customers are assured to receive holistic service, right from choosing the right window or door from a plethora of varieties, to installation and end support services.
The products range includes:
• Casement Windows & Doors
• Sliding Windows & Doors
• Tilt & Turn Windows
• Lift & Slide Doors
• Slide & Fold Doors
• Designer Windows – Temple, Arch, Bay & Corner
• Conservatories
Apart from the aforementioned products range, customers also have the privilege of choosing from a wide variation of colours, glass options and insect screens.

The benefits of Window Magic uPVC windows & doors
Minimal Maintenance: uPVC doors and windows by Window Magic do not require expensive or regular maintaining. These products do not corrode or rot in tropical and coastline region, unlike its wooden counterparts. Energy Efficient: These doors and windows are excellent thermal insulators and saves upto 30% of energy requirement. Maximum Wind Resistance: Window Magic uPVC window and door systems are weather resistant and can withstand strong winds, heavy rain and salty water without any harm. These systems are designed to endure a wind pressure of 2400PA (appox. 230km per hr). Tests specified in BS (British Standard) 5368, Part 3 1978. Fire Resistance: The uPVC material does not support combustion. Their selfextinguishing properties will not aid to the natural development of fire. Insulation & Environment Friendly: Renowned for the high level of insulation the windows and doors not only keeps one warm during winters but are also sound-proof and helpful in reducing sound levels significantly, which goes a long way in reducing stress levels. Enhanced Security & Hazard Resistant: uPVC doors and windows provide a much better level of security than traditional wooden doors and windows.  These products are strengthened with galvanised steel which makes them extremely hard to be broken down or forced open. Moreover, uPVC is a stable material which makes it sea-water resistant, pollution resistant and also chemical proof while being flame retardant as well. All these benefits of uPVC doors and windows explain why one needs to opt for Window Magic. These products have the proficiency of enhancing lifestyles through its vivid features. Window Magic values its customers, vendors, investors, architects, builders & employees and offers customers with the highest value in terms of product, quality, reliability and also enhanced service.

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