ALSTONE ends 2017 with much activity Makes presence felt through multiple events

February 26, 2018 Events0

With spirited purpose, ALSTONE bid 2017 farewell and ushered in the New Year with much activity and fanfare. The company made its presence felt in all the major events of the glass industry and also through its workshops to raise awareness towards a greener India.

ALSTONE ends 2017

1. ALSTONE participated in the Confederation of India conference from December 11-12, 2017 Various departments of the government visited the ALSTONE booth to know more about the Product of India : WPC. The products found much appreciation.
2. ALSTONE organised a Inshop Carpenter Meet in Bhopal on December 13, 2017. Carpenters were pleased to see the fresh Range of Alstone : Doors and Chaukhat made up of WPC, at an event organised by M/s Krishna Timber and Plywood. They conducted a workability test of all products and expressed their satisfaction .
3. ALSTONE Carpenter Meet organised at Raipur (Chhattisgarh) on November 24, 2017 . Around 60 top contractors graced the event and were very happy to see products from Alstone. They especially appreciated the High Gloss Oligo WPC , and Solid Chaukhat + Door. The ALSTONE team interacted with the participants and exchanged views. The event was supported by M/s Hira Plywood.
4. ALSTONE in Bihar to educate carpenters on the ‘Best Green Product of India ‘ ALSTONE organised a carpenters’ meet in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district, November 23, 2017. The seminar was attended by over 50 carpenters from the district. All were very curious about the ‘Wood Polymer Composite boards’. The participants were apprised of the screw-ability, applications and strength of the product. ALSTONE received a good feedback and looks forward to introducing new products to the Indian market in the coming months.
5. ALSTONE organised a carpenters’ meet In Madhubani (Patna) on November 22, 2017 The event was long awaited by Alstone and the contractors present at the event. The seminar gave an insight the Wood Polymer Composite Product and High Gloss Oligo Benefits to the carpenters. The product was appreciated for its versatility.
6. ALSTONE organised an In-Shop carpenters’ meet on November 17, 2017, in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) An interactive session organised by M/s Alluminium House where participants were apprised of the Water Proof Ply and Chaukhat + Door . ALSTONE plans the conduct similar seminar at different locations across the country.
7. ALSTONE organised a In-Shop contractor meet in Noida on December 25, 2017 ALSTONE celebrated Christmas in its own way with an interactive session organised by M/s Mahalaxmi Plywood. The participants appreciated the products and Alstone Chaukhat found much fanfare.
8. ALSTONE participated in ZAK exhibition, in Mumbai, December 7-10, 2017. A complete solution centre for the
building industry was put on display. Visitors loved ALSTONE’s Stix-All product & MF 100.

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