Deceuninck forays into the Indian market with its uPVC door & window systems

February 26, 2018 Company News117

The Belgium-Based Firm Opens Experimental Store In Chennai To Test Waters

Deceuninck, Belgium-based major in uPVC door and window systems, is eyeing to expand its footprint in the Indian renovation and individual home-owners market with its first experiential store in Chennai.

Its products are used worldwide in varied climatic conditions i.e., tropical climates like that of Chile/Brazil or hot climates like in the Middle East or the high UV areas in parts of Australia. As for India, at a time when New Delhi and other parts of the country are struggling to keep noise and air pollution under permissible limits and extreme temperatures at bay, Deceuninck’s uPVC doors and windows will help in reducing the pollution levels considerably and guard from extreme hot weather. “Noise is a major issue in most cities across India considering the traffic snarls, urbanisation and rapid increase in metro network. Our Zendow system has the potential to offer high noise insulation and air tightness against the pollution,” Satish Kumar, Country Manager, Deceuninck, said. The company is betting on the Indian market’s huge growth potential and the demand in housing sector increasing every year, especially in the urban and semi-urban areas. “India has a very high potential considering the growth of housing sector in India, implementation of new policies like RERA, GST, lower interest rates, higher disposable income in the mid-high end segment, affordable home sector growing at a fast pace given its infrastructure status and of course better informed, internet savvy customers of today. Indian consumers are gradually understanding the necessity of highquality windows behind the glamorous curtains,” Francis Van Eeckhout, CEO, Deceuninck said. “We plan to be in both the project and retail segment in India. Envisaging the retail customer’s demand for various colour profiles, we stock wide range of white as well as colour lami- nated profiles. Our new custom built 35000 sq ft warehouse in Chennai stocks nearly 500 tonnes of profiles at any point of time to support our customer’s needs,” he added. Through the new store, Deceuninck will be catering to B2B as well as B2C customers at the same time. The experiential store will offer architects and interior designers too so that the customers can explore the various design possibilities with uPVC windows and doors. Besides, the company aims to roll out a slew of marketing and promotional initiatives in next couples of years. In the next phase, similar experiential stores will be opened up in Bengaluru followed by Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad.”

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