HISENG at China Glass 2018

June 19, 2018 Events0

Company Scores Major Points With Smart Double Edger Line

Hiseng demonstrated its Smart Double Edger Line at the China Glass 2018 Exhibition in Shanghai, eliciting a very positive response from the visitors at the event.

Hiseng’s hugely popular Smart Double Edger Line consists of automatic checking table, two double edgers, one transferring table and one ERP monitor system. The company claims that the double edger line is as smart and fast as it gets. Some of the basic ‘Smart’ capabilities of the double edger line are as follows:  Hiseng’s own research and
development (R&D) team innovated the first automatic checking table in China which increased the speed of the double edger machine using a permanent magnet motor. The automatic grinding amount adjustment feature helps in determining the feeding amount of the machine on its own. It also inverts the wheel positions automatically, proving to be the most intelligent function in a double edger. For Hiseng, efficiency and precision are the most important things to look for in glass grinding machines. The company claims that the efficiency of its double edger line remains uncompromised even at a grinding speed of 15 metre per minute and 12 metre per minute of polishing. This feature has the capability to significantly push up output. The unit is highly precise in deciding the polishing, the diagonal and even deciding if the glass is desired quality. And this is because, Hiseng’s R&D has invested heavily in improving the unit’s precision, the company claims. The automatic correction system makes sure the glass sheet enters the machine in the correct way. The Servo motor control ensures that the belts are running in perfect sync. Specially designed V-shaped sliding board and straight line guide polishing sliding board make sure that the wheels can grind and polish glass with stability. Such a feature rich edger line proved to be a show stopper of sorts at the China Glass and attracted the attention of many exhibitors and visitors alike. It received a great response from the patrons attending the event. And in order to thank visitors from across the world that graced Hiseng’s booth, the company threw a dinner party on April 19. More than 200 guests attended the party making the evening fun and, at the same time, productive. It fostered interaction and propagation of business ideas and practices.

About Hiseng
HSG machine has always considered the requirement of the customer as its top priority and hence, its focus has always been on designing flexible solutions. With an excellent track record of service, sound reputation, reasonable pricing, HSG is widely popular in China, the US, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, India, Turkey, the Gulf, Australia and Spain.

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