aluplast committed to protecting the ecosystem

October 3, 2018 Technical Articles6

Leader In Innovation Of Technologies In Efficient Window Solutions

aluplast is known as the technological and innovationleader in its field of highend, highquality, energy efficient window solutions having presented at least one brilliant innovation every year continuously.

aluplast committed to protecting the ecosystem

Over the past three decades aluplast has developed a worldwide network of more than 20 production and sales subsidiaries securing the company an excellent position in the window market. Pioneering spirit and hard work paved the way to this unparalleled success. In this spirit, aluplast has always put emphasis on the development of new technologies that enable it to offer its customers innovative products with unique selling points. Time to upgrade… aluplast assumes responsibility for the people and the environment and together with customers and partners it contributes actively to the protection of our ecosystem. Getting customers the most beautiful view of your life in their living room and the obligation to act sustainably have always determined the firm’s entrepreneurial activities. For aluplast, this means bringing products and production in line with principles of energy efficiency and recyclability.

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