Strong Seal Silicone Sealants – the applicators confidence

November 22, 2018 Product Hunt1

A Product By HP International That Is Resistant To Chemicals, Moisture & Weathering

Silicone sealants possess adhesive properties used to block the passage of fluids (air, water, etc.) through openings in the structural or architectural frame of any construction joints.

Typically, it looks, feels, and acts like a gel and has a different chemical make-up from other organic polymer-based adhesives. Unlike other adhesives, silicone keeps its elasticity and stability in both high and low temperatures. Strong Seal Silicone sealant is resistant to other chemicals, moisture, and weathering. This makes it less likely to fail when building and repairing objects. In other terms, silicone sealants serve the purpose of closing any gaps or holes that may exist in the door/ window frames, curtain walls, sinks, even expansion joints in facades, precast constructions. Therefore this application of sealant stops drafts coming into the building, block the entry of dust or rain water, and to reduce the heat transmission through openings in the structure, thus improving the building’s overall energy efficiency. Usages of silicone sealants Silicone sealants manufactured by HP International in the brand name Strong Seal is used for varied applications which are given below: 1. Providing a seal over gaps around windows and doors. Thus it needs to be a good seal to avoid any dust or water ingress, or even to control heat and cold insulation during extreme conditions. 2. Gluing mirrors or glass elements to smooth surfaces such as tiles, concrete or wood or any surface where silicone can be used. Use Strong seal Neutral sealants while gluing mirrors as it will be very soft on the mirror coatings. 3. Strong Seal Silicone sealant can effectively seal the gap between the bath and the wall preventing water from going where it shouldn’t. This helps to prevent damp problems and keep your bathrooms as clean and dry as possible. 4. It is also a good idea to seal around the edge of sinks and draining boards. This will prevent water from dripping down to the cupboard space below the sink area. 5. For kitchens, it is important to seal the edge of worktops as they sit against the wall. This will help to prevent food from dropping down through the gap. Food debris in the kitchen can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria, moulds and pests such as rodents and cockroaches. 6. Keeping gutters or down pipes in place so as to avoid leakages. 7. Sealing holes in the roofing, especially between roofing sheets, expansion joints in concrete, skylights, and masonry work. 8. Strong seal silicone sealants are best suitable for expansion joints, especially for curtain walls, or any type of facades that requires to be sealed where ever the expansion joint width has to be worked out of based on the type of façade design. 9. Usage in structural glazing. A critical application is structural glazing where the load of the Glass will be on the sealant. As such a high modulus sealant is always used. Advantages of Strong seal silicone sealants Strong Seal Silicone sealants offer users a lot of advantages in application Flexibility Given the good elastic nature of Strong Seal Silicone sealant, once cured, these sealants can expand and contract with variations in temperature, allowing for a great deal of flexibility during construction. The elasticity of silicone sealant also ensure that all strains and stresses during movement can be absorbed, keeping the structure strong and safe. Resistance to water and chemicals As mentioned earlier, Strong Seal Silicone sealants are regularly used to block the passage of water and other liquids through gaps in windows and doors. This provides wooden elements with excellent resistance to moisture and harmful chemicals, preventing them from swelling or breaking down and greatly extending their lifespan. Extreme temperature tolerance Strong Seal Silicone sealants have an extremely wide workable temperature range of -20°C to +120°C, making them ideal for use in all kinds of different climatic conditions. Care should be taken during application, however, as they are susceptible to over-contraction at temperatures below -10°c. Durability Thanks to the wide workable temperature range, resistance to chemicals, UV resistance, and elasticity of Strong Seal silicone sealants, as they are extremely durable and can continue to perform even under adverse conditions. This durability greatly enhances the structural load carrying capacity of any material the sealant is applied on, also giving it weather-proofing properties. Industrial applications Silicone is an excellent sealant as such due to its high resistance to heat and electricity. Strong seal sealants have found its way into many different electrical and mechanical appliances, like Solar panels, Gasketing, Chimneys, Chillers, the sealant is perfect for binding objects, such as valve covers, thermostat housings, and fuel pumps in automobiles, Sealing in Cleanrooms and many more. Transparent and strong Strong Seal Silicone is perfect for fixing mirrors or glass elements to tiled surfaces thanks to its transparent and see-through nature. This transparency also means that you get a good-looking finish when you caulk your windows in the winters. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in a very spacious 15-acre land, and all in-house facilities, with world-class safety and quality control procedures in place, every material handling is mechanized. The highly professional manpower, trained by the specialists who are Masters in this field for many years with academic excellence in the respective fields make sure that the quality procedures and standards are the best to the world standards. A six-point quality check and product performance testing and monitoring in-house facilities ensure that the products perform at the extreme conditions. HP International manufactures Silicone sealants in Acetoxy, Neutral cure, Acrylic and Hybrid chemistries. For further details please also read our technical Specifications and MSDS of all relevant products.

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