Why are uPVC Windows and Doors ideal for your house?

February 15, 2019 Technical Articles16

Article Authored by: Mario Schmidt, MD, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Pvt. Ltd

A house is complete when it has secure, strong and aesthically appealing windows and doors. Most people don’t pay much attention to this and neglect installing the right kind of doors or windows.

UPVC windows and doors are apt for any kind of weather conditions and are strong. uPVC is energy efficient compared to other window and door materials. You won’t face issues like a bloating door when it rains or polishing it to maintain the look of it. uPVC requires minimum maintenance. Here are some benefits of an uPVC Window or Door: U-Value with its Thermal Transmittance, (U-Value), low-energy: E-glass Thermal has maximum heat deflection, meaning a very low U-value, which stops the temperature from passing the glass, giving it an edge over other windows material options. The U-value which is a measure of the rate of heat loss is expressed in watts per square metre, per degree Kelvin. Lower U-values can be attained if there is a use of multiple glazing layers, gases, and low e-coating. Steel Reinforced: These windows are fitted with galvanised steel reinforcement so it does not bend easily and is very stable to use in uPVC windows and doors. Double Seals an added advantage: The double seals used in the uPVC windows help to keep rainwater outside as much as possible while sealing the glass pane against the uPVC Window. And that’s not all, in areas where one may experience a lot of dust, these windows can help prevent dust from entering. Colour Palette: If you think there is just one colour, you are wrong. uPVC windows are available in a number of hues like Mahogany, Dark Oak, Golden Oak, Rustic Oak, Walnut to name a few. These have a finish and look of wood from a distance. So if you are a lover of wood, you won’t miss it at all. Perfect colour coordination can now be done with the variety of colours one can choose from. Low on Maintenance: uPVC windows do not need regular cleaning or maintenance. It is once in a lifetime investment. uPVC windows also help in energy saving and so it keeps your electric bills in check. Multi-Locking System: A home has to also be safe and secure for the people living in it. uPVC Windows have a multi–locking facility which is an added advantage. uPVC Windows and doors will help reduce the heat coming from outside, keep the place cool, and will help reduce electricity bill. uPVC windows are value for your money and so it is recommended one opts for this to add beauty and panache to their homes.

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