Yushuo Glass creating strong presence in market with customer service as priority

August 17, 2019 Company Report8

All Set To Take Part In glasspro INDIA 2019 Exhibition In Mumbai

Yushuo glass technology is a glass processing firm based in Tengzhou, home to the famous GGG (JinJing) glass. Dealing with a wide range of products from decorative, backpainted to mirror and project glass.

With a recently setup production unit that specializes in production of bathroom, cabinet, LED mirrors, Yushuo Glass is all set to dominate the e-commerce sales of these products locally and internationally on Amazon, Alibaba, Taobao and Jingdong. The products are exported to 40 different countries in MENA, South America, North America, Oceania, Asia and Europe. Founder and Managing Director of Yushuo Glass, Mr Aaron Tang has developed an extensive network of business and opened the path for local factories to supply glass products in international markets, from the Indian subcontinent up to South America, Middle East and Asia, by introducing new decorative glass technologies. Assisting Aaron is Ms Judy who is the vice-president and product engineer of the company. As the head of the procurement and supply chain management division, she ensures that product quality and timely delivery are given top priority. Between 2011 and 2014, Aaron’s main focus was participating in glass exhibitions, identifying the foreign market problems in distribution of glass, helping customers solve their problems, building long-term relationships with big suppliers and introducing new decorative products to different countries.

After this, Aaron opened his own company, under the name of Yushuo Glass Technology Co. Ltd. It is now one of the most reputable decorative glass suppliers in many regions in the world. Since then, the company has supplied glass all over the globe, making Yushuo Glass a well-known brand in decorative products because of its quality assurance. To help customers solve their problems with ease and better understand their demands, Yushuo Glass update its roster in 2016 for international members in every key market such as the Middle East, India and Latin America. With the mindset of developing healthy and sustainable business for customers, Yushuo Glass will continue its professional work and development to be one of the biggest decorative glass suppliers and innovators in the world.

Understanding key details about the needs of customers is important while dealing with companies in China

Understanding what customer needs is of utmost importance while dealing with cross cultural markets. To ease this, Yushuo team has members for key markets who can understand and communicate easily, thus making it easier for both parties. Currently, the Yushuo team has Mr Kunal Subhankar (Marketing Manager for Indian Subcontinent), who speaks Bengali, Hindi, English; Mr Matias Munoz (Marketing Manager for Latin America), who can speak Spanish, English, Chinese, Portuguese; Mr Ahmed Chefai (Marketing Manager for MENA), who speaks French, Arabic. Apart from this, Miss Daisy, Miss Liza are also handling customers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Korea.

Meeting and introducing products to customers during exhibitions all around the world

Exhibitions are important for supplierbuyer meets as they get to understand the sellers’ products more thoroughly and develop a sense of mutual trust. Yushuo Glass has been attending exhibitions in different parts of the world to make sure that more customers interact with company sales directly and develop a thorough understanding of quality difference of the products offered by Yushuo. Apart from exhibitions, the sales team frequently travels to different countries to meet customers and address their needs and problems. Mr Kunal travels to India every alternate month to address customer needs and understand more about the requirements, thus creating a deep bond with them. Yushuo has developed a very good name in market for its outstanding customer service and product quality. In 2019, Yushuo participated in China Glass in Beijing and is all set to Glasspro 2019 (Oct 10- 12) in Mumbai.


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