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March 4, 2020 Company Report0

Lakshmi Bawa Group Embodies Integrity, Quality, Performance, Perfection & Character

Anchored by an extraordinary force of over 500 employees across India, the Lakshmi Bawa Group is built on a strong foundation of overall value creation.

With over five decades of responsible business practices, the businesses have grown into powerhouses with horizontal and vertical expansions in a wide range of sectors – glass, glass hardware, furniture hardware, machine tools, plywood, silicones and real estate. Today, the group comprises benchmark quality plants, adhering to global standards, with consistent technological upgradations, international affiliations, empowered and qualified employees, customer focus and more. The stage is set for a higher growth trajectory in the future. Most importantly, the Lakshmi Bawa Group has earned the respect and admiration of many, as one of India’s progressive business houses, helping create wealth for the nation, and respect for entrepreneurship. The name Lakshmi Bawa embodies integrity, quality, performance, perfection and above all, character. It helps leverage the brand and endows distinctiveness, a feeling of pride, unity and belonging as the group moves towards a new horizon, based on strong fundamentals, and as one family. Looking beyond The Lakshmi Bawa Group transcends the normal obstacles of business because it cares deeply about the community and believes in facilitating inclusive growth, while raising the human development index. The work in the community focuses on health-care, education, the girl child, sustainable livelihood, women empowerment projects, infrastructure and more, espousing social reform. The Lakshmi Bawa Group of Companies comprises the following brands: Lakshmi Float Glass Ltd., Bawa Float Glass Ltd., Hindustan Glass Works Ltd., Lakshmi Factory Tools Pvt. Ltd. and BLG International Pvt. Ltd.

Email: info@lakshmifloat.com
Website: www.lakshmifloat.com

Email: info@shatabdiply.com
Website: www.bawagroup.org

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