Production resumes at Kaenat with limited manpower, several restrictions

July 1, 2020 Company Report2

Kaenat Glass Director Speaks To GB On Challenges Posed By COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world comes together to combat COVID-19, businesses face enormous challenges: collapse of customer demand, significant regulatory modifications, supply chain interruptions, unemployment, economic slowdown and increased uncertainty.

In spite of the government offering schemes to support businesses, financial issues are bound to arise as productions resume, director of Kaenat Glass Industries, Ali Kamil, said in a conversation with Glass Bulletin (GB). “We are all well aware about the scenario created by novel coronavirus that has brought the whole world to its knees. Along with the severe health crisis, the entire global economy is under threat. “We all hope this is a temporar y situation but at the moment we are questioning our viability and thinking about what must be done to get through this crisis as we get back to Business,” Kamil said. Kaenat is committed to the safety of customers, business associates and team members alike, he said. “As the threat of COVID-19 expands its footprint across the globe, we would like to combat it not with panic but by taking precautions as laid down by central government health authorities,” he added. Email: Website: This will go a long way in ensuring health and the well-being of both our customers and team members, Kamil told GB. Kaenat has resumed production with minimal manpower. Health and hygiene precautions are in place, social distancing norms are being strictly implemented and notifications issued on movement of man and material followed. “We have made sure that conditions are safe to return for our employees. Besides extensively cleaning and sanitizing work areas, we have introduced new processes to keep workers more separated, including when entering and exiting our plants and offices,” Kamil said. Due to the nationwide lockdown, all MSMEs have been severely affected and the business faces enormous challenges, he added. “As we start again, it is understood that there won’t be enough work load and there would be a liquidity crunch but we must understand and be prepared that this is not a light switch that we can just flick one day and everything goes back to normal,” the Kaenat Glass director said. “We’re going to have to restart a lot of things on a new note and a new thought process and hence, we need to start to plan for that now!” Kamil admits that business would undoubtedly be slow and rocky and enormous challenges were to be faced in the coming future. “But we are now changing our ways of working and these challenges won’t hold us back. Since we’ll have to face it anyway, the sooner we do it, the better it is for us to bounce back stronger than ever,” he said.

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