COVID-19 prerequisites at ManchuTUF

July 1, 2020 Company Report7

Company Introduces Slew Of Measures To Ensure Safety of Employees, Conform To Govt Guidelines

At Manchu Toughend Glass (P) Ltd, production continues with employee safety as the top priority across operations.

With the coronavirus pandemic changing the world as we know it, work cultures stand to adapt to a new reality. As the lockdown slowly starts lifting and the businesses look to open and resume operations, certain measures have become mandatory. At ManchuTUF, Managing Director Chaitanya Madan was quick to introduce a slew of measures to conform to the guidelines issued by the government for the post-lockdown situation. At the plants, measures introduced comprise daily sanitising of the factory premises and the property, including common areas, offices and vehicles. Spraying all incoming vehicles with disinfectants is the new norm. Regular disinfecting of the factory is being undertaken. Adherence to social distancing norms is being ensured at the factories at all times. Employees undergo contactless screening for body temperature before they enter the working area. Automatic sanitizer dispensers have been installed for them. Awareness sessions were conducted at the units for the employees. They were provided masks to cover their faces. Such steps are reviewed and updated continuously to align with the advice of experts. To encourage higher hygiene and safety standards, ManchuTUF factory shifts are currently for eight hours. To support social distancing measures and reduce travel, worker have been provided accommodation within walking distance from the factories. Self-Declaration Due to the ongoing and rapidly changing situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), ManchuTUF have made it mandatory for all visitors to its premises to fill out self-declaration forms. Access is being granted based on the answers provided, the managing director said. About the company Manchu Toughend Glass (P) Ltd produces a variety of glass products for architectural, automotive, decorative and residential purposes. It exports raw and processed glass to different countries and has a wide range of products. Glasses Email:, Website: produced by the company are used for architectural purposes, automobile industries, railways, furniture, home appliances, heavy boilers, solar panels

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