COVID-19 contingency plan at Jajoo Architectural Glass (P) Ltd

July 1, 2020 Company Report4

Managing Director Subhash Jajoo Speaks To GB On Regulations Implemented By Company

The best possible cure for coronavirus right now is its prevention in the first place. Towards that end, stringent safety measures and strict regulations have been implemented at Jajoo Architectural Glass.

The day begins at Jajoo Architectural Glass Private Limited with an audio visual presentation to create awareness about the virus among the employees and a PEP talk for 10 minutes to boost their morale, managing director Subhash Jajoo said in a conversation with Glass Bulletin. The presentation includes guidelines and safety measures to be followed by employees of Jajoo Architectural Glass, he added. The post-lockdown work situation will be different than before and norms have to be followed and strict regulations maintained to ensure safety of the people, Jajoo said. To make the whole transition more fluid, all employees of the company have been divided into four groups β€” maroon (fabrication & grinding), blue (IGU, printing and despatch), green (cutting and warehouse) and grey (lamination and tempering), he said, adding that it has been made mandatory for all teams to wear masks corresponding to their team colours. On the ongoing labour crisis, Jajoo noted that a part of the workforce employed at his factory consists of women who live in the vicinity. β€œMost of them live very close to the factory and they never left due to the lockdown. Hence, we did not have to face any shortage of labour when we resumed operations,” he said. Compulsory regulations to be followed With the government issuing guidelines and rules to be followed in view of the COVID-19 outbreak, Jajoo Architectural Glass introduced a slew of measures. Body temperature is checked at entry point. Persons having body temperature above 38Β°C are barred from entry into the company premises, the company said. The entry gate has two bottles of sanitizers available at all times. Employees have been asked to use sanitizers compulsorily during washroom intervals. Separate timings have been allotted to the teams for washroom breaks, lunch breaks and the canteen. Every team has designated captains and vice-captains. They ensure that social distance is maintained at all times, and washrooms and the canteen are used as per the instructions issued by them. Company contractors are being allowed entry into the factory premises only after temperature check and proper sanitization. All the drivers have been instructed to stay in their vehicles during the entire loading or unloading operation for safety purposes. Employees are being encouraged to use digital means, including whatsapp and/or phone, to contact their loved ones and refrain from company visitation. Spray guns are being used for the cleaning process here. Along with hand sanitizer, soaps will also be available at the canteen at all times, the company said, adding that all canteen cleaning personnel will use disposable hand covers while working. Dishwashing soap and other household cleaning products are likely to be effective disinfectants against the novel coronavirus and all utensils are to be washed thoroughly, it said. Sanitizer storage & dilution The company primarily uses sodium hypochlorite as disinfectant. The mixing ratio for this is 1:40 as in 1 part sodium hypochlorite and 40 parts water. Team leaders have been instructed to ensure that their sanitizer spray bottles are maintained with adequate amount at all times.

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