Hanjiang India team worked in full capacity during lockdown

November 13, 2020 Company Report1

With Fully Functional Local Sales, Service Presence, It Ensured Quick Response To Each Customer

Even as the pandemic and the restrictions imposed to combat it slowed down operations across industries and sectors in India, glass equipment manufacturer Hanjiang has been on its feet, constantly providing support to its customers.

With the principle of ‘Think Global, Act Local’, Hanjiang today has local sales and service presence in the country.
With more than 70 installations all over India, it has become a trusted partner for all glass processors. With local warehouse for spare parts and presence of well-trained technicians in the country, Hanjiang ensures a quick and positive response for each and every customer.
Hanjiang’s fully functional unit in India completed new installations in Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra even when the lockdown imposed to curb the spread COVID-19 brought life to a halt. These installations include a completely new line and also some of auxiliary equipment.
Hanjiang also completed shifting of its own line from one location to another for an existing customer.
Uninterrupted online technical support backed up by essential spares helped the firm serve its customers. With the help from customers who took utmost care for Hanjiang’s technicians during this period, providing them hygienic accommodations, food and moral support, these achievements were made possible. In the coming days, Hanjiang will strive to continue providing more local services to its Indian customers.

How to control production cost?
Hanjiang is not just a machinery supplier. For over 20 years, the company has been helping its customers build stable high efficiency production, outstanding end-product quality, timely delivery and optimized factory management to their businesses become more sustainable. Hanjiang can portray a clear picture to explain how to calculate production cost from the point of machine investment, labour cost, raw material cost, maintenance cost, wastage and rejective, utilities cost and others. The glass equipment manufacturer used the lockdown period to conduct a detailed survey to understand the consumption pattern of various IG materials (basically argon gas and silicon).
After this survey, the company can show all clients how Hanjiang intelligent IGU processing system can help them save production cost effectively.

New Revolution
Now Hanjiang is moving towards Industry 4.0. It has developed automatic glass loading machines, automatic low-E edge deletion machines, automatic online gas filling IG lines, automatic cork pad applicators, sealing robots and automatic glass unloading machines. Plus, a fully automatic IGU production solution which requires just one labour is coming soon.

Milestones in India
Hanjiang sold its first IG line in India in 2007. In 2013, it built an office in Delhi and displayed for the first time, a total IG line in an exhibition. Each year since then has been a different milestone for Hanjiang in India. In 2015, the first sealing robot was installed by Hanjiang in India. Today, almost 15 sealing robots are working in the country.
In 2016, the first argon gas filling line was installed in India and today, there are more than 25 gas filling lines in the country.
In 2017, Hanjiang installed a jumbo IG line with automatic loading, low E film removing machine, inline sealing robot and automatic unloading.
In 2018, the company built a raw material warehouse in Mumbai with a vision to supply high quality daily consumables and give the most professional support to the glass factory for quality production.
Hanjiang aims to support its customers with A-class products required to produce reliable quality of value added glass.

Hanjaing’s operating policy


Hanjiang drives through this principle by its four-point approach.

  1. Customized: Depending on the customer’s requirements, the company can provide the best solution, such as manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic solution.
  2. Developmental: It keeps learn new technology, new trend and developing new equipment.
  3. Professional: From sales team to after-sale service team, everybody strictly follows business ethics and provides timely service.
  4. One stop solution: From raw materials to equipment to training operators, Hanjiang provides everything.

About Hanjiang
Beijing HANJIANG Automatic Glass Machine Equipments Co. Ltd is an internationally acclaimed company for complete set of insulating glass solutions. With five series of automatic IG production lines and a full range of auxiliary machines on different functions and automation, Hanjiang serves more than 3,200 customers across 80 countries.

For More Information:

Sameer Mohite of the Sales team
Email: indiasales.hanjiang@gmail.com
Deepak Dubey of the Service team
Email: deepak4975@gmail.com
Website: www.hjglass.com.cn


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