Kunal Enterprise ties up with Italy’s Cugher Glass

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Will Now Provide Glass Screen Printing Solutions Across India

Kunal Enterprise is a leading complete solution provider in industrial printing/packaging industry, specifically in the screen printing genre in India since 2001.

Mr. Kunal Gandhi, Joint MD, and Mr. Ajay Gandhi, Chairman & MD, Kunal Enterprise

Kunal Enterprise serves its customers all over India with the best-in-class products and technology from all across the globe.
The company is renowned for providing the best automatic (cylinder/ flatbed/roll-to-roll) and semi-automatic screen printing machines, industrial dryers, pre-press equipment, screen printing inks and accessories for segments such as automotive, textile and ceramic transfers, membrane switches, value addition packaging and point of purchase jobs, plastic cards and security printing, flexible electronics, solar and fuel cells, etc.
It has experienced professionals for after-sales service and managers for business development and marketing.

For Kunal Enterprise, the mission is to purvey state-of-the art technology to the Indian printing industry. It has a team of people who keep on looking towards new areas and spend time in research and development in printing especially in industrial printing applications.
Recently, Kunal Enterprise entered an association with Cugher Glass, Italy, to provide glass screen printing solutions across India.
For more than 50 years, Cugher has been offering a wide range of solutions that cover the entire production process from silk screen printing, drying, handling and inspection in segments like automotive, architectural, home appliance and solar module. Cugher is the ideal partner for companies that print on flat surfaces, it is able to provide highly customised solutions according to customer production needs.

Cugher provides complete solutions in
– Handling: The high range of Cugher handling products allows transportation and stacking of glasses with any dimension and shape in all directions inside production plant.
– Dryers: All Cugher dryers comply with the highest energy standards and are designed as an integral part of the line, with the possibility to study and realize different temperature curves in each module, to ensure an improved productivity.
– Print: The machine is able to satisfy specific production needs and represents the perfect solution for huge batches and squared/ rectangular glasses that have to be printed quickly and precisely.
– Vision systems: The system, typically installed downstream the washing machine, is able to scan the whole glass and detect any defect present on the raw glass such as scratches, breakages, air bubbles, chips, contaminations, water drops, wet edges.
It is a modular type setup, wherein a customer can buy the entire line or a part of the system and integrate it into the existing setup.

The automotive division provides silk screen printing lines with high level of automation, precision and repeatability, for automotive car sets, tempered and laminated.

Home appliances
Mono and multicolour silk screen printing on rigid surfaces, flat glass for special applications, household electrical appliances, cooktops, flat screens and photovoltaic cells.

Building and interior design
Tailor-made solutions for silk-screen printing and handling on float, tempered, laminated glasses, with civil and industrial applications that go from windows and balconies to furnishing elements and shower enclosures.

Solar glass module
The photovoltaic glass screen printer, prints the white matrix onto PV glass to increase power reflection to generate efficient conversion of solar radiation into electricity.
Cugher machines have high productivity up to 1,028 glasses per hour with repeatability precision 0.08 mm. It has automatic centering system for extremely asymmetric double glasses.
All the big glass companies like Asahi Glass, Saint Gobain, Sisecam, etc have Cugher screen printing machines in their plants across the world. In India, Cugher has its machine in Asahi. There will be more installations in the near future as talks are on with four more prospective customers.

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