NorthGlass won the “Enterprise Award for Social Responsibility” again

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On July 2, the “2021 Henan Enterprise Award for Social Responsibility” ceremony was held in Zhengzhou, Henan, jointly organized by Henan Daily, The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Henan Provincial People’s Government, Henan Provincial Financial Supervision and Administration, and Department of Industry and Information Technology of Henan Province. Luoyang NorthGlass Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NorthGlass) selected from more than 400 enterprises has won the award for two consecutive years.

NorthGlass representative received the “Annual Enterprise Award for Social Responsibility”

NorthGlass is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, manufacturing, production and sales of glass deep processing equipment and glass deep processing products. After 26 years of development, the product line has gradually formed with glass deep processing industry, prefabricated building materials industry, energy saving and environmental protection fan industry as the core. In 2021, NorthGlass achieved an operating income of about 1.699 billion yuan. The company continued to strengthen product technology innovation, marketing expansion, brand effect, and its main products were widely recognized by the domestic and foreign markets.

NorthGlass actively responds to the national carbon peak and carbon neutral policy, carefully studies the company’s future and new development areas, and adheres to the road of sustainable development. With technological innovation as the means, NorthGlass actively improves product efficiency, improves the utilization rate of resources and energy through the adoption of new technologies, new processes.

The cumulative sales of continuous tempering furnace independently developed by NorthGlass are nearly 100 units in the past two years. The processing capacity of these NorthGlass continuous furnaces can provide photovoltaic glass for photovoltaic modules with 60GW installed capacity, and Triturbo Fan widely used in the high-speed rail industry, environmental protection industry and other fields, use the optimization algorithm of 3D flow field CFD simulation, and its operating weight reduces by about 10%, efficiency increases about 3% -15%; NorthGlass high-end energy-saving glass, can effectively reduce the energy loss, improve the energy efficiency of buildings, improve building comfort; The light microcrystalline carbide production line developed separately according to the characteristics of light microcrystalline carbide production process, using electric heating and the gas-fired kiln heating, reduces the comprehensive energy consumption in production by 60%, and the emission of SO2, NOx, CO2 and other waste gas produced by gas combustion in the production process are eliminated. NorthGlass has made continuous improvement and innovation in product energy consumption, production efficiency, green environmental protection and product quality, and constantly increasing research and development efforts have provided a steady competitiveness for NorthGlass products.

Luoyang NorthGlass High-end equipment Industrial Park

On the road of development, NorthGlass continues to make technological innovation, build national brands with the spirit of craftsmanship, and takes revitalizing the national industry as its own responsibility. At the same time, NorthGlass does not forget to actively practice its social responsibilities, and takes the initiative in rural revitalization, environmental protection, charity and employment for the disabled. NorthGlass provided community services and donated money during the flood in Henan province in July 2021, the outbreak epidemic of Xin’an , Luoyang and Shanghai in March 2022.

NorthGlass donation honor certificate for Henan flood 2021

In the future, NorthGlass will build a high-end green factory and establish the world’s advanced production base of high-end glass deep processing equipment, high-end deep processing glass and high-end prefabricated building materials and equipment. As a benchmark of glass deep processing industry and prefabricated construction industry, NorthGlass continues to add impetus to the realization of the national manufacturing power strategy! While pursuing high-quality development, NorthGlass will stay true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, actively give back to the society and benefit the local governments, and contribute to the revitalization of national industry and social development and progress with a high sense of social responsibility!

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