Vesuvius Fused Silica – a dedicated business unit within foundry division

August 22, 2022 Product Hunt5

Focused And Committed To Glass Industry With Expanding Materials & Technologies

Vesuvius Fused Silica also delivers innovative ceramic solutions for other industries such as metal heat treatment.

With more than 50 years’ experience, Vesuvius Fused Silica delivers the precision parts and reliable services to best respond to customers’ requirements. As partners in performance, Vesuvius Fused Silica provides innovative technologies to optimise its customers’ processes.
It also provides the advantage of local support by having teams of sales and technical staff available around the world.

Products & Applications in Key Markets
Vesuvius Fused Silica products are applied in various markets such as glass manufacturing, glass heat treatment, metal heat treatment and others. The company’s product range offers the design, composition, and dimensions to match your applications. The company utilizes analytical experts to understand customer needs, and its design and manufacturing capabilities to suit them. The company’s pilot line facilities new prototype manufacturing and testing.
Many industrial processes are characterized by high temperature working conditions requiring the use of heat-resistant ceramics and refractory materials. Vesuvius products can withstand temperatures up to 1500°C, provide low thermal expansion and conductivity, and are made of high purity fused silica material, well known under its ZYAROCK® brand name.
Vesuvius Fused Silica provides parts of any shape and size for conveying, containing, and insulating. Its large range of products are tailor-made for high-end industries such as architecture, automotive, aerospace, energy, optical, residential appliances, chemistry, and more.

Vesuvius Fused Silica for Glass Applications
ZYAROCK® is the Vesuvius trusted brand of all fused silica technical solutions developed for the glass and the metal industry.

Glass Heat Treatment
Glass tempering: ZYAROCK® glass tempering rollers with SMARTLY DRIVEN® end cap technology
Forming: ZYAROCK® bending plates

Glass Manufacturing
Float glass: ZYAROCK® shadow wall, ZYAROCK® tweels and flat arches, ZYAROCK® tin bath tiles and skimmer, ZYAROCK® lehr and lift out rollers.
Optical glass: ZYAROCK® pots, ZYAROCK® Labtec™ crucibles and lids
Hollow glass: ZYAROCK® expendables

Vesuvius Fused Silica for Metallurgy and other applications
Horizontal steel strip heat treatment processes: ZYAROCK® metallurgy rollers
 Hot stamping: ZYAROCK® HoSt™ rollers
Titanium annealing and hot forming: ZYAROCK® Vacuum Creep Flattening & Super-Plastic Forming platens
Steel galvanization: ZYAROCK® wire guides

Other applications
Calcination: CALCINTECH ™ FS trays
Grains: ZYA-Pure™ grains & powders
Solar: ZYAROCK® rollers for coaters with SMARTLY DRIVEN® end cap technology, ZYAROCK® and ZYAFOAM® linings
Chemical: ZYAFOAM® linings
Aerospace: vacuum induction melting one shot liner

Global Presence – Local Reach – Proximity to Customers
With two manufacturing platforms in Asia and Europe and sales offices on every continent, Vesuvius FS provides a global network of sales and technical support. Local manufacturing in facilities with quality management ensures our customers receive the best quality and service in the shortest amount of time. Vesuvius consistently provides customers dependable, local services in any language at any time.

About the company
Vesuvius develops and manufactures high-technology products and solutions predominantly for supply to the steel and foundry casting, and also glass industries.


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