uPVC Windows & Doors care: Do’s & Don’ts

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When it comes to windows and doors, choosing the right product from the right company is quite important. Questioning which type of product you want, both aluminum and uPVC windows are considered contemporary, durable, and affordable window solutions for a home. Even more important is, choosing the right company, as in, is that company going to be there when you have problems or when maintenance is required for those products? These are the two aspects people should look at.

There are a few dos and don’ts that you should follow so that you don’t have to do costly and unnecessary replacements. Here are a few tips you can follow:

• One myth that everyone believes in is that since uPVC windows and doors require less maintenance than traditional windows and doors, they don’t require being cleaned. However, it is quite the opposite. People tend to forget to clean their doors and windows which in turn destroy the product. E.g. If the sliding door or window is not cleaned, the water holes get clogged and blocked and the water starts getting inside the house.

• Windows and doors need to be thoroughly cleaned regularly, just like the other parts of your house.

• Since each season brings with it a unique set of weather conditions that can have an impact on your windows and doors, be sure to regularly inspect the frames of your windows and doors.

• Having proper working locks on your doors and windows is important so that you can sleep well at night knowing your loved ones are safe in their own home. If the locks have become stiff and have stopped working then lubricating them is the best idea. However to be safe, clean the locks regularly as it’s probably safe to assume many homeowners don’t tend to do that.

Maintaining uPVC windows and doors is quite similar to maintaining other priceless assets like vehicles or electronics. Even though they require little maintenance, you won’t appreciate the fruits of your labor until the doors and windows continue to be sturdy decades after purchase. For a door or window to retain its brilliance and attractive aesthetics, you must be prepared to spend the time and work necessary. After all, according to a common misconception, doors serve as a welcome to a home and windows serve as our eyes from which to view the outside world.

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Setup in 2002, “Window Magic”, a division of Window Magic India Pvt Ltd. (Formerly Ramtex Overseas Pvt. Ltd) is a part of the JV Group. It emerged from collaboration with the Profine Group of Germany which is the world’s largest manufacturers of uPVC profiles operating under the brand name of Kommerling. As a company today, with years of experience, they have succeeded in building up a range of state-of-the-art technologies to manufacture windows and doors, profile lamination in various colors, insect screen and glass solutions. With the provision of exceptional services and expertise they have received overwhelming customer responses. Window Magic myriad products include casement windows & doors, tilt & turn windows, sliding windows & doors, designer window, conservatory and lift and slide doors. Vert spring windows, Plisse Double Window, Lat Single Window and Lat Double Window are their notable other products. With such a wide range of products and enhanced production capabilities, they have been able to build a strong loyalty amongst a vast customer base that is spread all across the nation.


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