Filtraglass and Daks-96: A successful partnership

November 19, 2022 Interview1

Filtraglass Specialises In Water Filtration Systems For All Types Of Glass Industries

Daks-96 reports reduction in water consumption, improvement in quality of final product and increased productivity after installation of Filtraglass system.

Filtraglass, water filtration system specialist for all types of glass industries, has recently installed one of its systems at Daks-96.
With more than 15 years of experience, Filtraglass covers a wide sector of the automotive and optics industries, and the transformation of flat glass in general.
Throughout its long history, the company has managed to become an international market leader, breaking new ground and exporting its systems to several different countries. Today, its water filtration systems can be found in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Following are excerpts from an interview of Viktor Zdravkov, General Manager of Daks-96.

Q: Why did you decide to buy a purification machine?
For many reasons, actually. Having a water treatment system in place reduces water consumption considerably. This way we are able to improve our production rate (because we don’t have to stop the machine to change water) and we can reduce pollution. It was also very important to us that by using clean and good quality water in our handling machines help these last longer. This means we would have to change their parts much less frequently. And we also reduce the consumption of coolant, because water is not changed.

Q: Why did you choose Filtraglass systems?
We chose Filtraglass because it’s an internationally recognised brand with many years of experience.
What’s more, they were reliable and professional from the onset, which inspired a great deal of trust when it came to making our decision. When we met them, they understood our needs and were able to offer us customised advice on which system best suited the characteristics of our company. For us, their professionalism and attentiveness was key. In addition, of course, it was a plus for us that their systems allowed us to do our bit to combat pollution.

Q: On a day-to-day basis, what are the most noticeable differences you have experienced after purchasing a Filtraglass system?
In addition to the obvious reduction in water bills, I would highlight two changes. First, of course an improvement in the quality of the final product. Since we installed the first Filtraglass system, our glass has had a transparent finish and is completely clean and free of dust marks and debris. This clean finish reflects positively on the quality of the product we offer and the image our customers have of us. What’s more, and also very importantly, our productivity has improved because now we no longer have to stop the production line for maintenance work. Our machines are constantly working, so we’re now able to offer more within the same time frame.

Q: What are your reasons for repurchasing a system?
Basically, since our previous experience with Filtraglass had been positive in every way, we didn’t want to take any risks and decided to stick with them, as they already know our company and our way of working, and we know theirs. We were very satisfied with the purchase of the first system.
Since we installed the machine, our productivity has increased and our costs have gone down. Naturally, as I said, the environmental factor is also important to us. In this day and age, commitment to the environment and sustainability is, or should be, key for all companies. We’re glad that our values and those of Filtraglass are aligned in this regard.

Q: What has your relationship with Filtraglass been like over time?
Our business relationship with Filtraglass has been positive from the beginning. First, before buying the machine, with their advice, then during installation, which also went very smoothly, with the technical and after-sales service. The Filtraglass team is always available to resolve any queries or problems and we also appreciate being able to contact them by various means, including WhatsApp, which is very practical. Since we started working with Filtraglass, Luis and his team have been monitoring the smooth running of the machine and have always offered to help when necessary.
This excellent relationship and aftersales service is, of course, a plus to everything else the company offers.


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