Glasstech Mexico 2022

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After 3 years pandemic, The Glasstech Mexico 2022, Doors&Windows Mexico 2022 was held on Nov.30-Dec.2, 2022, at Centro Citibanamex, in Mexico City.

Approximately 110 brands exhibitied at Glasstech Mexico 2022, they are from Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Germany, USA, Spain, Australia, China, Turkey, South Korea, Peru, etc exhibitor at the expo. And 1125 professional visitors with daily attendees 2459, from Mexico, United States, Guatemala, China, Spain, Ecuador, Russia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Italy, Bolivia, Turkey, Mozambique, Germany, Egypt, Chile, Armenia.

Most important empression from our exhibitors is that the expo is not crowded but very focus, small but organized. All visitors came are professional visitors and buyers, and business man in Glass and Window door industry. 70% of the exhibitors are confirmed to participate next year.

Mr. Wenceslao Rincon from YUNTONG GLASS South American said that the expo has completely over our expectations. Everyone who came to the booth was a direct potential customer, and the questions they asked were all about the professionalism, price, and quality of the machinery. Or related purchase intention issues such as transportation time, unlike some exhibitions they participated in, there was a large flow of people, but the audience was not professional.

Mr. Franco Capecchi from KERAGLASS said that this is the second time to participate in Glasstech Mexico expo. In the case of the impact of the epidemic, the exhibition is considered a success. Although the expo is small but very organized and professional. The old customers came to the booth, and also met some very effective new customers.

Mr. Adrian from China Jinglass said that he was very happy to be at the Glasstech Mexico 2022, this is their the second time being here. he was busy receiving customers for all three days, and all visitors here are proessional in the glass industry business.

Mr. Max Fu from China North Glass also said that they were very happy to be here and received prospective customers from Latin American countries other than Mexico.

Mr. John Olson from Quattrolifts Americas, who is the first time participating Glasstech Mexico expo, said that they were very happy to participate in this exhibition. They did not expect that the Mexican market would have such a large demand for their products, which was completely contrary to their previous fears and imaginations. They didn’t expect that the audiences who came to them were all professional audiences, and they had never met them in other exhibitions before. This also surprised them. They were looking forward to the next exhibition.

INTERGRAGLASS from Mexico, a very influential glass hardware accessories company in Mexico, who participated Glasstech Mexico for the first time,  They also said that their participation in the exhibition is very effective. This is what they did not expect, as they never participated in professional glass exhibitions before, and their teams have never experienced the effect of this exhibition, and have expanded the booth reservation for the next exhibition to 36 square meters.


Check the video see what do they say about Glasstech Mexico 2022.

So far, we have 70% of the exhibitors have confirmed their participation in the next exhibition.

The Glasstech Mexico 2023 will be held July 19-21, 2023, at Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City. Looking forward to seeing you again!


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