PUJOL acquires the glass division of the Italian company Teknokilns to expand its portfolio and strongly enters the tempered glass sector.

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HORNOS INDUSTRIALES PUJOL announces the acquisition of the glass division of the Italian company TEKNOKILNS. which completely ceases its activity. The agreement contemplates the incorporation of the entire client portfolio, as well as the services, know-how and engineering for the manufacture and development of thermal tempering furnaces of the Italian company. Which will be manufactured entirely in the production plant that PUJOL has in Barcelona (Spain)

The agreement is part of the company’s expansion plan and strengthens¬†PUJOL‘S position in all transformation processes associated with the concept of safety glass. With this new movement, the Spanish company remains faithful to its DNA, which bases its growth on the offer of services and products with high technological added value and which to date has allowed it to be present in more than 100 countries. This same philosophy has remained unchanged since the beginning of the company more than 110 years ago and after four generations at the helm of its management.

This important movement also means covering a gap in its product portfolio with a new offer that to date had no proposal in its portfolio, and will allow PUJOL to position itself as a preferred partner in the market in the manufacture of transformation solutions of safety glass, both for laminated glass and tempered glass, with which all customers can count on PUJOL as an integral partner to cover their production needs.

The new¬†‚ÄúTEMPER FLEX‚Ä̬†tempering furnaces will be based on an offer of furnaces equipped with various innovative technological solutions of unique convection heating systems, with single or double heating chamber, and will be fully suitable for layer and selective glass tempering. low emissivity. Highlighting in all models its low energy consumption (kw/m2) in all processed products, its high final optical quality due to low planimetry distortion, all accompanied by great flexibility and adaptability of its operation, with low maintenance and above all with a little installed power necessary for its commissioning.

In the case of models with a single chamber, heating will be carried out by means of preheated air circulating inside the oven, this will lead to significant savings in operating costs, in addition to provide better performance, greater temperature uniformity and higher optical quality of the end product.

The new oven will have 3 basic measurements between 3,600 x 1,500 / 4,500 x 2,500 / 6,000 x 3,200 meters.

Jorge Pujol CEO of¬†PUJOL¬†affirms¬†‚ÄúThis new acquisition, together with¬†PUJOL’s¬†centuries-old tradition and experience in the development of ovens, reinforces our commitment as a company to our customers to offer them a reliable and advanced product. We are following our ‚ÄúRoad Book 2020‚ÄĚ which we were forced to pause and review due to the COVID pandemic, but now we are back to cruising speed that has always differentiated us as a leading and innovative company‚ÄĚ

For his part, Joaqu√≠n Pujol, commercial director of¬†PUJOL¬†remarked¬†‚ÄúWe are fully satisfied to close a new circle, which surely will not be the last within our Plan. Our customers will benefit from a product and a global offer with a high technological value that will allow them to gain in competitiveness and service.”

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