Kubik brings Demountable Partition Systems – Cost-Effective Solutions for Workspaces

February 22, 2023 Product Hunt0

Announces Partnership With Ozone Overseas To Expand Footprint In Partitioning Systems

Compatible with a number of different door types, Kubik Demountable Partition Systems have been conceptualized to suit various market requirements and are available from low-cost to high-end specifications across the country

With the Kubik Demountable Partition System, work spaces can easily be redefined in a modern and sleek way. Providing complete solutions along with execution, Kubik is now available in various styles, finishes and functions.

For building management companies, young start-ups and firms looking at expanding or changing layouts frequently, these adaptable demountable partition systems allow modification or remodelling of office layouts cost-effectively.

Since the partitions are easy to install and remove, existing interiors aren’t damaged. The process does not require the knocking down of walls or even relocation, unlike traditional sealed glass or dry wall partitions which can be expensive and take time to assemble.

Accommodation of needs is simplified as the relocatable partitioning can be structured or fitted as per the project’s demand, and thus, not compromising on design and further allowing room for more natural light. For better acoustics, sound can either be absorbed, reduced or covered as per the client’s privacy needs.

The key benefits of the products don’t just stop there. The unique extrusion profiles have been carefully configured to offer an infinite number of combinations and can be incorporated with almost any other material or finish. They are also available in a range of colours.

Flexibility in design is further possible as these profiles can be customized as per the design and layouts, making it possible to incorporate changes or to adjust to site conditions without affecting the cost or project timeline.

These versatile solutions have been created to cater to the requirements of the evolving Indian market. They are suitable for commercial setups such as co-working spaces, offices, banks, conference or banquet halls, etc.

Partnering with Ozone Overseas to expand its footprint in partitioning systems, Mr Jimesh Shah, founder of Kubik-Discover Luxury, said, “This collaboration with Ozone sees both brands move one step closer towards providing the industry with complete solutions when it comes to highquality demountable partition systems.

With Ozone’s vast and in-depth reach and network, we aim to cater to every corner of the country with a vision to spread across borders and serve international markets too.”

Alok Aggarwal, Managing Director of Ozone Overseas and Ozone Secutech, sees this alliance as a strong window of opportunity. “With this venture, we aim to be the market leaders for new age partitioning systems and provide inclusive solutions for the Indian market. Kubik has the product range, technical expertise, and manufacturing ability to make this happen and help bridge the gap in the market.”

E-mail: customercare@ozone-india.com
Website: www.ozone-india.com, www.kubik.in

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