Aspects that must be taken into account while purchasing Aluminium Window and Door Systems

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Whether building a new home or renovating an old home, windows and doors play a significant role in enhancing the visual appeal and adding a touch of glamour to the home. And when there is an opportunity to custom-design windows and doors with coloured ones, your home is sure to be your neighbour’s envy. It goes without saying that attractive and stylish windows and doors not only add to the aesthetics of the home but are also a reflection of one’s personality, taste and style statement. It is here aluminium windows and doors have come to be the preferred option for a variety of reasons beyond style and colour.

Beyond just colour, one must consider a host of benefits that Aluminium offers while making the purchase decision. Aluminium products have been the most sought-after product in the fenestration segment for over two decades now. With a current market size for fenestration of Rs. 15,000 Crores and increasing year on year, Aluminum accounts for 60% of the total fenestration market. This in itself explains the growing popularity of aluminium products and the leaning towards it.

  1. Safety: Safety is the first element that one should take into account before purchasing them. The sturdiness of aluminium makes the metal a natural choice to insulate the home. In order to maintain security, they should also include a multi-point locking mechanism.
  2. Ease of Maintenance: Aluminium Windows and Doors and designed in such a way that it needs less maintenance. Being insulated against noise, dust, wind, heat and pollution, aluminium windows and doors make it easier to maintain them.
  3. Corrosion Resistant: Aluminium metal is corrosion-resistant that generates a natural coating. The coating develops with a thin layer when it comes in contact with the oxidizing environment resulting in protection from being oxidized. Aluminium can be easily powder coated or anodized. The latter lasts longer and provides a rich metallic finish and it also protects the base metal and makes it resistant to chipping, peeling or flaking.
  1. Environment-Friendly: Aluminium is 100 per cent recyclable and can be recycled many times. This makes aluminium environment-friendly and a sustainable building material option.
  2. Reflectivity and Ductility: Aluminium has a good ductile nature. A roof coated with aluminium helps to reflect 95% of sunlight. Due to its ductility and low melting point, the metal can be processed in many ways. This enables Aluminium to be formed in many designs like geometrical designs or sheets, or rods or wires or tubes.
  3. Customization: By virtue of the nature of the metal, Aluminium allows for the metal to be customized according to one’s tastes and preferences in terms of colours and styles. Aluminium better fulfills architectural needs like styling, finesse by its wider variety of colors, made possible through powder coating and anodizing.
  1. Longevity: Statistics have proved that Aluminium has a longer life than its counterparts. Estimates indicate that aluminium has a life of about 45 years which translates to cost efficiency in the long run making the metal the ideal choice for your home.

In summation, whether you are building a new home or your existing home, Aluminium Window and Door Systems are the ideal option. Aluminium may be used to make your space both aesthetically pleasing and secure and is also easy on your pocket.

About Mr. Manish Bansal, Director & CEO, Window Magic

A proud alumnus of the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom, Mr. Manish Bansal is currently leading Window Magic, a premium fenestration company in India that also deals in oil and gas commodities, as its Director & CEO.

Armed with a certificate in ‘Accelerated Leadership Program’ from INSEAD Business School, Fontainebleau, France, his unwavering commitment to quality and market foresightedness has helped him gain the trust of customers and stakeholders alike. His visionary approach and strategic leadership have resulted in driving Window Magic to new heights. He has demonstrated exemplary excellence in helming a company that has made its presence felt in more ways than one.

About Window Magic

Established in 2002, Window Magic is a leading company in the fenestration industry that specializes in designing, constructing, and installing high-quality windows and doors. The company collaborates with international players such as AluPure, Technal, and Kommerling, to deliver exceptional, long-lasting Aluminium and uPVC Window and Door systems that conform to international quality standards.

Window Magic has successfully completed several private and government projects. The company has also forayed into the Oil and Gas sector and is currently working with the government of India. It plans to further establish more products and services in this sector.

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