Hanjiang to bring advanced sealing robot structure to glasspro INDIA

August 29, 2023 Events0

India’s Premier Exhibition On Glass Products & Tech Coming To Mumbai On Sep 14-16

Hanjiang firmly believes glasspro INDIA will promote development in areas such as technological research, production processes and quality management.

Hanjiang will exhibit its most advanced sealing robot structure at glasspro INDIA 2023. Its ratio matching is totally controlled by servo motors, which breaks the typical manner of controlling the ratio via a hydraulic system. In addition, a new design of butyl extruder will be presented at the exhibition.
Hanjiang plans to supply numerous beneficial tools for IGU production to its royal customers’ support. The company firmly believes that glasspro INDIA 2023 will greatly promote its continuous development in areas such as technological research and development, production processes, and quality management.

At China Glass 2023, Hanjiang showcased its intelligent manufacturing and customized R&D capabilities, demonstrating the latest technological achievements in fullautomatic deep processing solutions for insulating glass.
During the exhibition, it undertook in-depth exchanges with many domestic and foreign enterprises.
Going forward, Hanjiang will continue to increase its technological research and development capabilities, with customer demand as its guide, focusing particularly on intelligent production processes where automation replaces traditional manual labour, such as electronic proportioning, continuous supply of sealant machines, super spacer applicator, visual inspection systems, HJ Industrial Cloud, and other links, continuing efforts to further optimize these processes.
The company will continue to leverage its advanced processing technologies to deliver high-quality automated equipment to customer factories, achieving efficient production of insulating glass intelligent units.

Hanjiang in India
The Hanjiang India team has completed several significant projects during the first and second quarters.

  • Five full automatic line 2500*3600mm/3000*3600m m/2500*4000mm including Argon gas filling line and sealing robot in Lucknow, Surat, Pune, Ahmedabad
  • Jumbo IG line 2500*5000mm Argon gas filling line in Hyderabad
  • Upgraded IG line to increase productivity and added sealing robot in Trichy
  • Aluminum bending machine, Low E edge deletion machines etc in Coimbatore, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai In the coming months, Hanjiang will engage in more projects in India.
  • Four full automatic lines 2500*4000mm/2500*3600mm, including Argon gas filling line, Low E edge deletion machine and sealing robot, in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh
  • Full automatic line 2800*5000mm, including automatic glass loading, Argon gas filling line, Low E edge deletion machine and sealing robot, in Mumbai
  • Six classic IG line in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kolkata, Punjab and Kerala
  • Upgrade of standard sealing robot 2500*36000 mm to jumbo robot 2500*6000 mm in Madhya Pradesh

Hanjiang also looks forward to making more contributions to the development and innovation of the glass industry with the support of its Indian customers in the future.

Ms. Ashley Quan
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