Kunal Enterprise & Cugher to bring latest products to glasspro INDIA

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India’s Premier Event For Glass Products & Tech Coming To Mumbai On Sep 14-16

Cugher provides machine solutions for automotive glass, architectural glass, home appliances and solar glass modules. Its products are brought to the Indian market by Kunal Enterprise.

Kunal Enterprise, a leading solution provider in industrial printing, specifically in the screen printing genre in India since 2001, is coming to glasspro INDIA 2023 this September.
Kunal Enterprise serves customers all over India with best-in-class products and technology from all across the globe. It is a renowned brand for providing the world’s best automatic (cylinder/flatbed/roll-to roll) and semi-automatic screen printing machines, industrial dryers, pre-press equipment, screen printing inks and accessories for segments such as automotive, textile & ceramic transfers, membrane switches, value addition packaging & point of purchase jobs, plastic cards & security printing, flexible electronics and solar & fuel cells.

The company has experienced professionals for after-sales service and managers for business development and marketing. The mission at Kunal Enterprise is to purvey state-of-the-art technology to the Indian printing industry.
Kunal Enterprise and Cugher share the goal to serve the Indian market with the most performing solutions for screen printing on float glass.

Being the pioneers of float glass printing, Cugher provides the best solutions for automotive glass like windshield and backlight, home appliances like electrical stove and front panel of microwave oven glass, architectural glass like shower cubicle, decorative glass and cooling glass; and in solar glass printing for Bifacial panels. With its handling, printing, drying and vision system in place, Cugher gives the best-desired results in glass printing.

Through its continuous innovation in the development of automated machines, Cugher has perfected over the years the technique of screen printing on float glass.
Cugher is evolving its practices to contribute towards limiting its impact on the environment for a greener future. The company is aware that the production of machinery such as silk screen-printing machines, dryers and handling for float glass has impacts on the environment.
Kunal at Glasspro INDIA Show 2023: Stand 2D75

Uday Chitre
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