Profin range of aluminium profiles by Häfele

August 29, 2023 Product Hunt0

A Combination Of Advanced Technology And Meticulous Precision

Profin range comes in four different categories – Gola Profiles, Stack Modular Shelving, Rail Door Profiles and Strike Shelving System.

Häfele presents Profin – a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art aluminium profiles that consists of four different categories – Gola Profiles, Stack Modular Shelving, Rail Door Profiles and Strike Shelving Systems.

These categories exploit an individual’s sense of sophistication by proposing exciting design potentials and flawless integration.
The Profin range of aluminium profiles and their accessories, across categories, are available in five contemporary finishes – silver, graphite, gold, rose gold and dark bronze.
Whether one opts for a dark kitchen or follows the recent trend of adapting metallic hues, the versatile range of profiles blends in perfectly with all colour schemes. When used in contrast, they stand out like jewelled embellishments that radiate across the kitchen.
These profiles are manufactured using advanced technology with a meticulous precision that augments user-friendliness and ensures utmost ease of installation.

Stack Modular Shelving – for decorative open shelving system
A new design concept of open shelving or cabinet systems is emerging. More and more enclosed storage areas in the kitchen seem to be fading into this new design concept.
The open spaces are increasingly being used as platforms to showcase kitchenware, curated statement pieces of art or accessories.

Häfele’s Profin range of stack modular shelving profiles shapes the entire furniture aesthetics while silently delivering strength, stability and function to the units. These profiles and their accessories enable the construction of open shelves with glass or wood and emanate elegance with their sleek and faultless build and finish.

Strike Shelving System – for decorative shelves
What’s on the inside is as important as what lies on the outside. Häfele’s Profin Range of strike aluminium profiles for shelves inside cabinets and tall units. These profiles are a brilliant way to complete the look of interiors and add ambience, functionality and style to furniture.

The front profile, designed with modularity in concept, includes a groove to include LED strip lights which help illuminate the insides of the cabinet with indicative and directional lighting. These lights can be combined with drivers and sensors so that every time the shutter opens, the light inside switches on.