December 7, 2023 Latest Updates0

Saint-Gobain Glass breaks new ground by launching the game-changer shatterproof mirror MIRALITE® EASYSAFE. Its anti-shatter technology guarantees safety in the event of breakage.  Available now in France and Germany, and soon across the rest of Europe.

When a mirror breaks, shards of glass can be dangerous for everyone, both for building occupants and for the professionals who handle and install it. That is why Saint-Gobain Glass has developed a new patented solution – MIRALITE® EASYSAFE, which retains 98% of splinters in the event of breakage.

As a highly versatile mirror, it is designed for homes, where safety is a priority (bathrooms, decorative mirrors, wardrobes, sliding doors…) as well as for high-traffic buildings such as retail (fitting rooms), sports facilities, hotels…

Co-developed with Saint-Gobain Glass clients, MIRALITE® EASYSAFE also meets the needs of processors since it is almost as easy to process as a simple mirror and much easier than traditional safety-backed filmed mirror.

Finally, this technology reduces plastic waste but also the raw materials used in its manufacturing are lead and solvent-free, making it a more sustainable alternative compared to the actual solution.

A similar solution has also been on offer since 2023 in India, MIRASAFE™.