Glasstech Asia and Fenestration Asia 2023 mark resounding success

February 7, 2024 Events0

Southeast Asia’s Most Significant Platform For Glass And Façade Successfully Reunites Industry

The three-day event in Thailand hosted over 1,800 unique visitors and 613 industry professionals from exhibitors, covering 51 countries.

In a triumphant return, Glasstech Asia and Fenestration Asia, Southeast Asia’s leading trade fair for the glass and façade industry, proudly heralded the success of their 2023 edition. The event, held from November 29 to December 1, 2023, in Bangkok, Thailand, garnered participation from over 4,000 trade attendees representing more than 50 countries, solidifying its reputation as the paramount platform for the region’s glass and façade industry.

The comprehensive experience offered not only the main event but also a diverse array of side activities, including the Asia Façade & Glass Conference, Buyer Relation Meetings, Innovation Forum, Welcome Networking Night, and Awards.

Remarkably, the event was attended by more than 78 local authorities and dignitaries, alongside over 70 international association members, underlining its significance both locally and on the global stage.

The signing of 10 Memoranda of Understanding by industry players during the event highlighted a commitment to collaboration and advancements within the glass and façade sector. These notable achievements further solidify Glasstech Asia and Fenestration Asia’s pivotal role in fostering collaboration, facilitating knowledge exchange, and driving growth within the industry. Michael Wilton, CEO and Managing Director of MMI Asia Pte Ltd, spoke about hosting Glasstech and Fenestration Asia 2023 in Thailand. “Thailand is an excellent location to host Glasstech and Fenestration Asia 2023 this time.

Glasstech Asia and Fenestration Asia 2023 mark resounding success
What we have learned after the COVID-19 outbreak is that various industrial businesses want to return to face-to-face business negotiations, especially at trade exhibitions again.

Moreover, the glass and façade industry in Thailand is growing at a very high rate, so for me, as an MMI Asia representative, Thailand is a very interesting location for the conference and exhibition space,” Wilton said.

As for the direction of the glass and façade industry in Thailand, experts in this industry all agree that it is likely to grow higher. Mr Wirat Leewairot, President of the Thai Glass Industry Business Association, said, “The COVID-19 outbreak and the war situation have made various industries, including that of glass, slow down. However, it is expected that next year will be better according to NESDB’s predictions.”

Mr Wichai Wiratkaphan, director and secretary Banking Inspector and Acting Director of the Real Estate Information Center, said, “The glass industry will expand in line with the direction of real estate. Because if the real estate industry grows, the glass and façade industries that are related tend to grow in tandem. In 2024, it is expected that the real estate market will expand approximately 5-10 per cent, so I think the glass industry will likely expand in the same direction.”

In addition, Mr Wirat also mentioned an interesting glass technology. “In the past, we used glass only for windows and doors, but in the past 20 years, curtain wall has begun to be used in high-rise buildings in the heart of the city, in addition to having wind and rain protection properties, it also reflects heat.”

“The innovation in producing environmental glass, or low-emission glass, is to take ordinary glass and coat it with a metal substance. Resulting in the reflection of heat.

But still allows light to enter the building. This results in saving more energy. Because the building has a curtain wall, it means that less heat will enter the building, reducing the cost of using air conditioners and carbon emissions as well,” Mr Wirat added.

“There is good support in this industry,” said Mr Paithaya Banchakitikun, Vice President of the Siam Architects Association under the Royal Patronage, about organising the Glasstech and Fenestration Asia 2023 event this time.

“I think that the Glasstech and Fenestration Asia 2023 brought together a group of manufacturers of various machinery and equipment that are related to construction work and architecture. Especially those that are glass and façade walls of buildings in Thailand. Organizing this event will result in the growth of all related industries in the future,” Mr Banchakitikun added.

For the MICE industry, Dr Duangdet Yuakwamdee, Director of the International Trade Fair Industry Department. Convention and Exhibition Promotion Office (Public Organization) said, “In 2023, the number of foreign travellers from trade fairs will be 269,439 people, generating income for the country from spending worth 17,783-millionbaht, accounting for 168% of the target of 160,000 people for the fair.”

“As one of the MICE Industry destinations and a strategic economic point with potential in the ASEAN region, it can create quality business opportunities for MICE travellers. In addition, holding trade shows in Thailand will help the entire MICE ecosystem grow, with social and economic impacts that will go to those involved,” Dr Yuakwamdee said.

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