Big changes happening to the Viprotron team!

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Mrs. Kugler announced as new Sales and Marketing Director and Mr. Feuster has retired from his role as Vice President Sales at Viprotron GmbH.

Mr. Rainer Feuster, formerly Vice President Sales, Mrs. Sandra Kugler, Sales and Marketing Director and Mr. Kai Vogel, CEO and owner at Viprotron Headquarters

There has been a few changes happeing to the Viprotron team in the beginning of this year.  

Sandra Kugler has been promoted to Sales and Marketing Director at Viprotron! With Sandra in this important strategic position, Viprotron ensures that the company’s strong global growth will continue.

Sandra joined Viprotron in 2020 as our Sales Manager for Europe and will now take over for Rainer Feuster after his retirement. We are sure that Sandra will excel in her new position and continue to drive our sales and marketing efforts to new heights.

Mrs. Sandra Kugler, Sales and Marketing Director, Viprotron GmbH

With over 25 years of experience in various positions within the glass industry and a degree in International Business, Sandra brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Prior to joining in 2020, Sandra worked for many years in the glass industry for companies such as A+W, Saint-Gobain and BOTTERO SPA, holding various positions in sales, marketing as well in project management. Her main focus was on the European region with a special emphasis on D-A-CH, Benelux, France and Italy.

Over the past four years, Sandra has taken the lead for Viprotron in the same region with great passion, commitment and success. She has continued to grow with each new task that has come her way. She has proven that she not only has the right knowledge and understanding of the glass industry, but she also lives and works by the values of our company.

From the beginning, Sandra has provided excellent customer service and has never failed to go the extra mile to ensure that the needs of her customers and business partners are met at all times.

With the start of this new position, she has expressed her excitement to meet new people from different countries and gain new insights and perspectives about the glass industry around the world. Sandra plans to maintain the strong relationship she has built with her long-time customers and business partners, which demonstrates how valuable these relationships are to her. We have no doubt that she will continue to put our clients first!

She is excited to get started in her new position and has already shared some great new ideas to ensure our continued success.

I have known Sandra for 15 years and I have always been impressed by her strong personality. Her enthusiasm at work is contagious, and her positive attitude and ‘can-do’ mentality make her an excellent leader for our global sales team. Sandra ensures that our customers and business partners receive excellent support, which allows Viprotron to continue its strong growth. I am so glad that she is part of our team and know that she is the right person for this job.

Mr. Kai Vogel, CEO and owner at Viprotron GmbH

Mrs. Sandra Kugler, Sales and Marketing Director, and Mr. Kai Vogel, CEO and owner, at Viprotron Headquarters

With Sandra taking over this important position this also means it is time to say goodbye to one of our long-time employees Mr. Rainer Feuster. 

It is with great respect that we announce, that Rainer Feuster will retire from his position as Vice President of Sales here at Viprotron. But don’t you worry – he is not leaving us for good just yet!

Herr Rainer Feuster, formerly Vice President Sales, Viprotron GmbH

Rainer embodies over 35 years of experience in the glass industry! Over the years he has worn many hats and has held many important positions. In late 2010, Rainer joined Viprotron GmbH as Vice President of Sales, with a focus on promoting and supporting the company’s global growth. At the time, Viprotron was still fairly new in the market and focused solely on the European region. Rainer’s leadership, dedication, knowledge and passion played a very important role in transforming Viprotron into the successful global company we are today. We owe a lot of credit, for our massive growth in these past 13 years, to him. Our yearly sales increased from 1,5 Mio. to 5 Mio. Euro. All this was possible with the sales team he was not only in charge of, but helped us build and develop over the years.

Rainer was never one to shy away from a challenge and took it upon himself to make Viprotron well known in several markets outside of Europe, including the North American market. He traveled across the ocean dozens of times and went to many shows and traveled countless miles across the continent, including Canada and Mexico! The result of Rainer’s efforts was the establishment of our US subsidiary company – Viprotron North America, Inc. – in which he played a key role in launching, staffing and marketing this new organization.

This is just one example of the many projects Rainer has confidently and enthusiastically embraced and supervised for us. His dedication and hard work are evident in the heart and soul he poured into each and every project that he directed. The exceptional results of these projects are a testament to his commitment to making sure that they would be successful. Naturally, after 35 years, Rainer became a well-known professional in the glass industry. But perhaps more compelling was his ability to develop so many strong relationships with customers, colleagues and partners, which is likely his greatest legacy. Rainer is very well liked and respected by the many people he encountered during his remarkable career. No matter which show we attend and in every country, there are all kinds of people constantly stopping by just to say “Hi” to him and catch up on the latest developments.

With Rainer on our team, and as one of the faces of Viprotron, we managed to build lasting relationships with our partners and customers from all over the globe, of which we are very proud. Many of these relationships are based on the hard work and innumerable miles that Rainer traveled. We can confidently say that he consistently delivered exceptional service to each and every customer, always prioritizing their needs.

“We are so grateful for Rainer’s long tenure with us! He played such a key role in Viprotron’s significant development over the past 13 years. He has been one on of the key people and highly valued team members here at Viprotron.

Mr. Kai Vogel, CEO and owner of Viprotron, expressing his appreciation for Rainer’s contributions.

We sincerely appreciate the exceptional work Rainer has done for our company and the time and passion he invested in us. His contributions are immeasurable, and we are very thankful for the many milestones and memories we have shared with him.

After 13 years, it’s easy to imagine that it was a very emotional day when we celebrated Rainer and his exceptional career during his retirement party this past month at our Headquarters. Everyone on the team tried to be there for his big day, and many offered their good wishes through a video presentation as well! This demonstrates what a beloved team member he is and has been over the years. He was always available for us if anyone needed advice or assistance.

Mr. Rainer Feuster, formerly Vice President Sales, and Mr. Kai Vogel, CEO and owner, at Viprotron Headquarters at Rainers retirement celebration

Mr. Rainer Feuster, formerly Vice President Sales, and Mr. Kai Vogel, CEO and owner, at Viprotron Headquarters at Rainers retirement celebration

But even though his full-time career has officially ended, we are looking forward to leveraging Rainer’s years of invaluable expertise. We are pleased to announce that he will continue working with us as a part-time consultant, ensuring that our customers and business partners can continue to benefit from his deep experience and insights, and we will as well. And, while he won’t be leaving our team just yet, we want to express our admiration and invite you to join us in saying:

“The entire team wishes you all the best for a happy and fulfilling retirement! As you embark on this new chapter in your life, please rest assured that you have been and always will be a beloved member of our team. Thank you for everything! – And thank you for choosing to stay with us a little longer!”

Mr. Rainer Feuster, formerly Vice President Sales, and Mr. Kai Vogel, CEO and owner, at Viprotron Headquarters

Sandra has started her new position and is the new contact person for our customers and business partners from now on. Rainer is still working at Viprotron and has the same contact information as before, and is still available for our customers. He will be primarly working in the background from this point forward though.

The two have been working successfully together over the past four years and will countinue this great work going forward with their new roles.

Mr. Rainer Feuster, formerly Vice President Sales, and Mrs. Sandra Kugler, Sales and Marketing Director, at Viprotron Headquarters