The 33rd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition Successfully held

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The 33rd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition, hosted by the Chinese Ceramic Society and organized by Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd., was brought to a successful close in Shanghai on April 28, 2024. The attendance reached 126,381, an increase of 18% over the previous exhibition, including 6,532 overseas visitors from 136 countries and regions, and the number of visitors & countries, as well as foreign visitors reached a record high. The successful holding of China Glass Exhibition is of great significance and promotion for boosting the confidence of the glass industry all over the world, maintaining the stability of the global glass industry chain, and promoting the economic and trade exchanges of the glass industry at home and abroad.

Post-show Report - The 33rd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition Successfully held
Communication and sharing: witness the new trend of industry development
On the first day of the opening, Meng Qinghai, full-time vice chairman and secretary of the Secretariat of the China Association for Science and Technology; Gao Ruiping, president of the Chinese Ceramic Society; Zhou Yu and Peng Shou, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Jin Zhanping and Song Lixin, vice presidents of the Chinese Ceramic Society; Zhang Baiheng, chairman of the China Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association; Zhao Wanbang, vice president of the China National Association for Glass Industry; Tan Fu, secretary general of the Chinese Ceramic Society, as well as heads of government trade promotion agencies, industry organizations and representatives of manufacturers from Germany, Italy and other countries visited the exhibition.

Post-show Report - The 33rd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition Successfully held
Super-scale: the industry’s preferred exhibition platform
China Glass Exhibition has always adhered to the concept of professional, international and large-scale organizing, with the core of serving exhibitors and visitors. The exhibition has 877 exhibitors from 29 countries and regions around the world. The mainstream manufacturers of the global glass industry are all present, in terms of exhibition, technical exchanges and business negotiations. China Glass Exhibition has been a veritable global glass industry “barometer” and “weather vane”.

China Glass 2024 used 7 halls of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, according to the international exhibition area, domestic mainstream manufacturers, technical glass and scientific research institutions, deep processing equipment, refractory materials and silicone products, daily glass, decorative glass, raw materials and main and auxiliary materials, hardware accessories and others, etc. Among them, Hall N1 is an international exhibition area, gathering German and Italian pavilions and many mainstream brands in the global glass industry, including: Glaston, LiSEC, Von Ardenne, SEFPRO, Vesuvius, Dip-Tech, Kuraray, Umicore, Buhler Leybold, Koemmerling, Quanex, Solutia (Eastman), Air Products, Five Stein, Grenzebach, Benteler, Bottero, SORG, Fenzi, HORN, Heye, ISRA, Zippe, Honeywell, Carl Zeiss, etc.

Post-show Report - The 33rd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition Successfully held
Hall N2 is a domestic mainstream brand, technical glass manufacturer and scientific research institution, including: Triumph Science & Technology, China Building Materials Academy, CSG Group, Jinjing Group, Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group, Kibing Group, SINOMA, China New Building Materials Design and Research Institute, CNBM Glass New Materials Research Institute, China Luoyang Float Glass Group/ Triumph New Energy Co., Ltd., Yaohua Glass Group, China Glass Holdings, Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research and Design Institute, Ruitai Technology, Taiwan Glass Group, Xinyi Glass, Xinfuxing Glass Industry Group, Benxi Yujing, Flat Glass Group, Qingdao Jinjing, Shabo Group, Mr. Glass, Hainan Holdings Special Glass, Leadus, etc

Hall N3, N4, N5 and Hall W5 are manufacturers of deep processing equipment, silica gel and refractory materials, including: ZIBO GT New Materials Group, Luoyang Northglass, Luoyang MOUNTAIN, Landglass Technology, Hangzhou Jinggong, Qinhuangdao Yuntong, South Glass Technology, Guangdong Golive, Deway Machinery, Liaoning North Machine, Anhui Jingling, Yinrui Intelligent, Beijing Boza Automation, Jinan Weili Machine, Hanjiang Automatic Glass Machine, Beijing Tenon, Beijing MGM Glass Machinery, Fangding Safety Glass Technology, Tianjin Dinganda Glass, Guilin Champion, Lewei Science & Technology, Shandong Sanjin Glass Machinery, Shanxi Dahua Glass, Jangsu Xunai New Material Technology, Dongfang Ancai Refractory, Luoyang Dayang High-performance Material, Zhongjian Magnesia Brick, Guangzhou Ling Nan Refractory, Chengdu Guibao, Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone, Guangzhou Baiyun Technology, LINIZ, Guangzhou Jointas Chemical, CBPM-Kexin, Kamroller, Shandong Sanjin, Shanxi Glass, Donghua University, etc. Hall W4 is mainly concentrated in the fields of daily glass, decorative glass, raw materials, main and auxiliary materials and hardware accessories.

Post-show Report - The 33rd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition Successfully held
Focus on innovation: Intelligent manufacturing leads green development
During the exhibition, many manufacturers closely followed the industry trend of high-end, intelligent and green, and introduced new products in the fields of glass products, new energy glass and information display glass, glass deep processing technology and equipment, glass melting and molding process and equipment, and high-quality refractory materials.

Triumph Technology Group showcased new products such as 0.12mm ultra-thin float electronic glass, 30 micron flexible foldable glass, 8.5 generation TFT-LCD float glass substrate, cadmium telluride power generation glass, copper indium gallium selenide power generation glass, neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass, and its member company Yaohua displayed new borosilicate glass products such as borosilicate 4.0, borosilicate 3.3, borosilicate 2.6, etc.; All units of China Building Materials Research Institute participated in the exhibition, covering the whole industry chain products of “design, technology, equipment, supporting materials and advanced products” in the glass industry, and displayed the key materials developed for the fields of integrated circuits, aerospace and new energy, as well as new energy-saving glass products such as aerogel glass and electrochromic glass; CSG Group, Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group, Xinyi Glass, Kibing Group, NorthGlass and other enterprises brought new products such as large BIPV curtain wall glass, TCO glass, electric heating glass, anti-bird impact glass, sterilization glass, complex curved glass, etc., reflecting the new height of China’s technical glass development; Yaohua Group showcased Low-E coated glass for automobiles, and many new products such as central control display glass, charging pile glass, vacuum glass sunroof, dimming glass, and HUD tungsten heating glass used in the field of new energy vehicles also attracted the attention of many audiences. NorthGlass brought solutions including tempering, vacuum coating, deep processing smart factory and ternary flow fan. Landglass Machine demonstrated systematic solutions including columnar tempered glass forming technology and smart factory; South Glass has launched the latest Loong high-end continuous glass tempering production line series and Simba high-end glass tempering production line series; Yinrui Intelligent demonstrated the overall solution of the smart factory in the form of a case. Cloud Laser showcased solutions for glass laser applications, including punching, cutting, film removal, marking equipment and glass defect detection solutions; Shanghai ZKJ Laser showcased precision machining technology in the fields of metals, ceramics and silicon wafers.

Post-show Report - The 33rd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition Successfully held
The popularity of flexible warm-edge insulating glass in the Chinese market is gradually heating up, and Glaston launched the COMFORT TPS warm-edge insulating glass production line at the exhibition. LiSEC demonstrated the excellent performance of the LiTPA production line in terms of seamless “welding”, which perfectly combines the appearance and performance of insulating glass. Exhibitors such as Luoyang Landglass and Leadus Technology launched a series of vacuum glass products at the show, replacing the traditional air extraction hole with getter to achieve the unity of vacuum glass performance and aesthetics.

During the exhibition, a series of lectures and manufacturer promotion activities were also held, such as “When Archaeology Meets Science and Technology – The Silk Road Story of Ancient Glass”, with topics including: carbon footprint improvement and carbon emission reduction in the field of glass production, application of domestic testing equipment in the field of special glass production, research on the application field of fireproof glass design, smart factory, digitalization to help the research and development of high-end glass equipment, etc. The technical lectures attracted thousands of visitors to participate, and the audiences at the event were enthusiastic, and interacted warmly with the speakers.

Post-show Report - The 33rd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition Successfully held
China Glass Exhibition is supported by domestic and foreign industry organizations such as China Building Materials Federation, China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association, China National Association for Glass Industry, German Engineering Federation, The Association of Italian Suppliers of Glass Processing Machinery and Accessories, etc. With its super-large-scale, professional services and international influence, China Glass Exhibition has become an important window and platform to serve the glass industry to build a new development pattern and promote the high-level opening up of the industry.