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May 9, 2017 Company Report2

Taking on the world from Beijing

One of the oldest manufacturers of glass, Huatai Yinhai is today considered among the best in the glass industry. Founded in 2005, Huatai Yinhai has been a specialist in aluminium spacer bar manufacturing for over 12 years.

HTYH acquired a leadership role in adopting the independent solid wielding technique based on US Thermtool and Norway EFD, which elevates the quality of the Spacer to a whole new level. Headquartered in Beijing, Huatai Yinhai International Building Materials Co., Ltd. (HTYH) has more than 20 self-developed production lines. It currently has three factories – one for spacer products, one for aluminium cast-rolling and another for spacer machinery. HTYH boasts of 20 production lines for the full size range of aluminium spacer bars between 6A and 27A. It also offers bendable and standard aluminium spacer bars. HTYH also offers options in thickness to satisfy the requirements of different customers. HTYH is among the very few to control the entire production line from raw materials and spacer manufacturing equipment to finished products – aluminium spacer bars. The quality of the materials and the performance of the machinery has been improved drastically which reflects on the finished spacer bars. The company also offers other auxiliary materials for IGU like Butyl, Molecular Sieve, Georgian bar, etc. It has a one-stop service for IGU materials to benefit its customers.

Email: sales@huataiyh.com,
Website: www.huataiyh.com

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