The glassy makeover

February 12, 2018 Company News0

Glass For Home Interiors Has Become A New Force To Reckon With Gone are the days when glass was used merely for windows. The material has come a long way since then. Moving fast with the newest trends, glass has become one of the most sought after materials because of its evolving relevance.

Glass has stood the test of time beyond our imagination. Now, you really have to think hard about where glass isn’t used for in a house! Conventionally associated with kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas, glass is now being used in flooring, wall partitions, ceiling, backsplashes, among a host of other areas. The variety of textures, thicknesses and designs available in glass is astounding. From being noise-proof to providing insulation adjustment, fire-resistance to other safety concerns, glass continues to inspire interior design.

Adding Perspective to Design

Lacquered glass and glass partitions are extremely trendy. Lacquered glass offers not only multiple standard colour options but also limited editions of pastels and metallics. This glass can also provide users the freedom to customise designs in a highquality uniform coating. To ensure it survives the wear and tear of daily use, lacquered glass is also available in toughened varieties. Apart from the  various colour options, we often use Laser Cut Technology to make the glass translucent and to carve out a pattern in the Lacquered Glass. The carved pattern can be further accentuated by LED Light Strips that are installed in a concealed panel, to give a diffused, subtle glow to the carved design. Glass partitions on the other hand not only offer the aesthetic advantages of glass but also a world-class look. Designs can be customised keeping in mind new technologies; similarly, glass can be used for kitchen niches as well as full wall coverings. Easy to maintain, glass can make a house luxurious and comfortable at the same time. Glass can easily make a space look bigger. If used purposefully, glass partitions can play a dual role of dividing a room as well as maintaining the finer acoustics within the area. From wall panelling for vastu purposes, to covering entire columns in glass itself, the possibilities and opportunities for experimentation are endless. Smaller spaces call for materials that lend a feeling of openness; glass becomes the most obvious choice. During meetings and other important conversations, blinds have to be drawn in rooms that largely use glass. Smart technologies like switchable glass is the ideal replacement to blinds. It switches from clear glass to translucent at the click of a button. This intelligent technology is not only energy efficient but also offers the luxury of a glass partition that can be changed according to one’s needs.

The Trend Setter

Love the look of coloured light? Tinted glass can create the perfect aura while filtering natural light in different colours. They add an entirely new dimension to homes. Another one of our favourite trends in the segment is ‘getting the outdoors inside’. Apart from literally bringing the greenery indoors through plants, glass has been given its long overdue prominence here. It has been used to replace solid walls to give the home an elegant look. Changing preferences bring with it the innovative use of existing materials within the industry.

Reflecting Opulence
Mirrors, delicately used, can lend an opulent touch to the interiors. While designers seek new ways to integrate mirrored elements within the house, the product as a standalone has also evolved tremendously. LED mirrors offer exclusively trendy designs on mirrors. The beautiful designs make it possible to choose motifs in sync with the décor of the house. These mirrors exude a chic look with sleek technology elements that will give an exquisite touch, from bathrooms to bedrooms. These are perfect for large applications of glass, especially in the interiors of commercial and retail spaces.

Going One Step Ahead
Everything can be made smarter and more efficient when replaced with glass. Glass products have now gone ahead to integrate world-class design technologies. Solar control glass is one such innovative glass offering. Apart from reducing the harsh glare of direct sunlight, it also regulates the amount of heat entering the room. Thermal glass can regulate the indoor heat, thus controlling the indoor temperatures.

The Changing Face Of Design
Glass has been introduced as one of the most suitable materials to be used in every area of the house. Industry leader Saint-Gobain has successfully attempted to stay abreast with the demands of the industry. Relevant to changing needs, they have introduced some of the smartest and most functional glass technologies for the Indian market. With their constant use of world-class technologies, rigorous research and development, they have changed the way glass is used. With an unmatched aesthetic appeal in product offerings, they have also enabled glass to emerge as a material of choice in the interiors segment. Glass is now being used in innovative ways with the help of smart technologies. From the moment you wake up till the moment you sleep, technologies have made interacting with glass an enriching and exciting experience. Addressing the developing demands of the competitive market, glass has even begun to challenge conventional materials in the industry to emerge as a front runner and trend setter.

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