Hanjiang at ZAK GLASS 2017

February 26, 2018 Events7

Displays Completely Automatic IGU Production Machines

At Zak Glass Exhibition 2017, Hanjiang demonstrated completely automatic IGU production machines, including IG line with low-E, double and triple glass function, sealing robot and automatic butyl extruder machines.

During the exhibition, Hanjiang’s existing customers and other guests visited its booth to discuss about their machines or to seek cooperation. Customers showed interest in the IG line and sealing robot. Hanjiang IG now line has the absolute advantage in processing any type of Low-e glass, double glazing, triple glazing step glass(1-4 side step), and online gas filled IGU as well. Sealing robot is another core competence for Hanjiang. For example, Hanjiang’s robot has among the high precision ratio system in the market, due to the fact that the robot applies servo and screw system to control ratio accurately. Any types of two component sealants can work very well with the machine. In addition, with two advanced separate conveying systems for front and rear glass, the robot can finish second sealing very smoothly without any curve on the surface of the sealant. This is the first time Hanjiang is displaying its sealing robot at Zak exhibition, which is tremendously significant for Hanjiang and the Indian glass processing market. An increasing number of Indian customers realized that they should pay for value of machine, and not just pursue low investment. After demonstrating the complete line to customers, they expressed their interests to take the discussion forward. Such positive feedback gave a morale boost to the entire Hanjiang team. Hard work on the right direction always brings good result. Hanjiang closed several deals with potential and old customers. Hanjiang had a good run in 2017. The company claims to hold almost 40% of market share in India and hopes for an even better performance in 2018. Besides selling their production lines in India, Hanjiang also plans to educate new comers by providing optimized solutions for IGU production. It plans to build a better spare parts stock for its existing customers and keep bringing latest technology to the Indian market.

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