China Glass Exhibition 2018

June 19, 2018 Events0

Sees Record Footfall of Exhibitors And Visitors From All Parts Of The World

The 29th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition, also known as the China Glass Exhibition, came to a successful close on April 22. The exhibition, organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society, was held in Shanghai this year. The event scripted news successes this year and was host to many wonderful memories.

A Feast To The Eyes
The exhibition lasted for four days, i.e. April 19-22. The event saw a record footfall this year with exhibitors and visitors from all parts of the world converging to get a taste of it. The rising popularity of the exhibition was evident on each day with more and more people dropping by for a visit. Exhibitors from around the world lined up to display their products, innovations and new technology with increased vigor as visitors gathered in larger numbers on every single day. In a change of strategy, it was observed this time that many foreign exhibitors had broken from their previously known practice of showing only images, and instead, increased their booth sizes and brought their equipment for on-site demonstrations, making full use of the platform of China Glass to display new technologies and products. This was a reflection of the changing attitude of foreign manufacturers toward the Chinese market and laid proof to a brighter future of the country’s glass industry. It is understood that this year’s China Glass had 865 first-line glass industry manufacturers, including 612 domestic and 253 foreign manufacturers from 29 countries like Germany, Italy, the United States, Britain, France and Belgium.

New Technology, New Equipment, New Materials
It is worth mentioning that the exhibition on the domestic ionic intermediate film, domestic digital printing ink, bending glass cleaning machine, electrochromic glass, semi-transparent glass and other new products attracted the attention of many viewers. In addition, on April 19, the Guangdong Glass New Product Promotion meeting, which was aimed at promoting new technology, new equipment and new materials in the industry and creating a collective brand of “Guangdong Glass”, was successfully held at the M16 conference room of the E1 Pavilion of Shanghai New International Expo Center. This Guangdong glass new product special promotion conference highlighted the hot topics like intelligent factories, introduction of new materials such as ionic intermediate membranes, weatherproof PVB films, and others, and also new types of double convection homogenization furnaces and multifunctional fire-proof glass production lines, as well as new highefficiency and energy-saving water knife and other special equipment. China Glass 2018 can be considered as the best edition of the exhibition so far. It witnessed a record number of visitors and prospective customers.

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