Adding safety to daily life

October 4, 2018 Company News6

Versatile Glass Solution LLP Starts New Plant

VGS offers glass solutions for both interior and exterior applications.

Adding safety to daily life

Versatile Glass Solution LLP, one of the most versatile, innovative and technologically advanced glass processors in India, capable of providing glass solutions for both interior and exterior applications, has set up a new processing facility at Nandasan on the Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway. The unit is capable of processing 16.20 lakh square metres of toughened glass, 4.20 lakh square metres of insulated glass, and 4.50 lakh square metres of lamination glass a year. The facility is located on the Mehsana-Ahmedabad highway, with a proximity to major airport and railway station within 70 km. It is located in an industrial area and caters to major cities in the vicinity viz. Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Mumbai, Jaipur etc. Spread across a sprawling area of 6,300 square metres, it is one of the most technologically superior processing units in India that is equipped with world-class fully automated technology and state-of-the-art machinery. VGS thrives to fulfill the entire spectrum of glass related demands of the end user while ensuring quality standards that are unmatched. Backed by experience, technology and versatility in delivering customised solutions, the company desires to meet all its clients’ needs. The company is headed by highly experienced technocrats and business experts viz. Mr Kartar Singh Verma, Managing Director, (30 years in Glass industry), Mr Rajesh Patel (20 years as electrical engineer), Mr Vinod Patel (10 years in Glass industry), Mr Navin Patel (18 years as entrepreneur) and Mr Ruchit Vyas (6 years in Finance and business head), making a cumulative experience of over 85 years. The directors of the company include Mr. Kartar Singh Verma, Mr. Navin Chandra Praladbhai Patel, Mr. Ruchit Dilip Kumar Vyas, Mr. Rajesh Hargovindbhai Patel and Mr. Vinod Hargovindbhai Patel. The company’s product range includes Architecture Glass, Automotive Glass, Curved Tempered Glass, Fire Safety Glass, Bullet Resistance Glass and Decorative Glass. VGS processing capabilities are driven by experienced technocrats aided by best in class fully automated processing lines:
VGS Toughened Glass and bend  toughened glass- We are capable of providing thickness of 4mm to 25mm and size of 2.5 meter X 5 meter for flat glass and 2.5 meter by 1.8 meter for bend glass. We can provide automotive standard glass approved by appropriate authorities.
VGS Insulated Glass – We are capable of providing double and triple glaze glass of thickness 100mm and size 2.5 meter X 4.5 meter. It can give a high sound and heat resistance by using laminated and low-E glasses. We are pioneers in India to come up with edge deletion on-line for coated glass. We are first company in India to have an automated robot sealing system on insulated line. We have on-line argon gas filling and automatic spacer bending system to avoid number of joints
VGS Laminated Glass – We can provide laminated glass in the form of sentry and PVB lamination, with size upto 2.5 meter X 6 meter and thickness of 90mm. We can also provide bend laminated glass.

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