K BOND appoints new CEO and Partner

October 3, 2018 Company Report1

Sanjay Joshi Is An Engineering Graduate WithAn MBA In Finance

As a part of business expansion strategy, K BOND has appointed Sanjay Joshi as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Partner with effect from December 1, 2017.

K BOND appoints new CEO and Partner

K BOND, established in 1995, specializes in manufacturing of Glass Glue (UV Adhesive), Glass Paints & Glass Lamination Machineries. The company is the sole manufacturer of glass glue in India under the brand name of KEYBONDTM. K BOND is the only glass paints manufacturer with 100 per cent waterbased products that are eco-friendly and non-hazardous.

Sanjay Joshi is an Engineering Graduate with an MBA in finance. He comes with a rich experience of more than three decades in the field of sales and marketing, finance and contract management function. Joshi has vast experience in acquisition and merger of various businesses and leading them in expansion way by leveraging the strength of these companies and guiding them in the right direction resulting into the growth of the business. Before joining K BOND, Sanjay has worked with the Nuclear Power Corporation for more than 20 years, in various capacities and in various department starting from Design & Construction of Nuclear Power Plant, Project Procurement, Finance & Account department and Contract & Materials Management department. In the year 2008, Sanjay joined the Topworth Group of Companies as Sr Vice President (Commercial & HR) and handled procurement activities of on-going projects of the company in various part of country. During his stay with Topworth Group, Sanjay has also worked as Head (HR) of the company and contributed immensely in field of HR system development, Manpower planning, Talent Acquisition & Development. Sanjay also has experience in the field of sales and marketing functions and developed many systems for product development, digital marketing and other allied functions of sales and marketing. Apart from K Bond, Sanjay is also associated with Analytical Automation, Multicare Surgical Products, SKAN Instruments in the capacity of Director/partner. These companies deal with various products required for pathological laboratories, hospitals and various industrial laboratories. He plays a very important role in overall functions of these companies. Sanjay is also a certified Customs clearance broker and has a setup of Customs clearance and freight forwarding function on the name of Astute Business Solutions. Sanjay’s contribution to K BOND and his close association and guidance with Mr Pratik Mehta will certainly add value to K BOND for its overall development and formulation of long term strategies for growth and expansion plans of K BOND in India and abroad. Glass Bulletin extends warm wishes to Sanjay Joshi in this new endeavour as he forays into the glass industry.

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