For LiSEC and Cristaleria Reina, service matters!

October 3, 2018 Product Hunt52

Interpersonal relationships and a close proximity to customers – these are Cristaleria Reina’s success factors. Over time, the company developed from a little wood workshop into one of the most important enterprises of the Andalusian glass industry. Since 2002, the Spanish family company located in Montellano, close to Sevilla, belongs to LiSEC’s customer base.

For LiSEC and Cristaleria Reina, service matters!

Ildefonso Reina Coca, father of current owner Ildefonso Reina, took root in the wood and glass industry as an one-man-company in the year 1958. When Reina Coca founded Cristaleria Reina in the year 1991, glass and wood each represented 50 % of the business. One year later, his son Ildefonso Reina took over. He has been working in the company since he was 16 years old. As the glass business got more and more important and developed better than the wood business, Cristaleria Reina decided in 2004 to focus exclusively on this sector. Soon the incoming orders exceeded the capacity of the production space. In 2009, the company moved from Villamartin to Montellano, where their property is spread across 80,000 sq m. The cooperation between LiSEC and Cristaleria Reina started 2002, when they invested in a desiccant filling machine. The second investment was an automatic sealing plant. This machine was added to an already existing IG-line of another supplier. Soon, this one was replaced by a LiSEC product, a 3x2m IGline. A bending machine, intelligent warehouse with 100 positions, PKL, two six metres long cutting tables and a 5x3m KSR including washing machine followed. In 2008, Cristaleria made its largest investment in LiSEC products until now: For four million euros, they bought LiSEC machines and software, so that the new production equipment was 80% LiSEC machines. “For us, there was no alternative – LiSEC convinced us with a quality no other supplier could keep up with,” Ildefonso Reina said. Together with LiSEC, Cristaleria Raina was the first supplier in Spain who changed the direction of their KSR in order to improve their distribution. “It was challenging but LiSEC was able to provide the perfect solution to our problem,” Reina stated. When it comes to software, Cristaleria Reina counts on LiSEC too. They started with (new version:, a software for sash bars planning. By now, they control their production with the software prod and handle the order management with GPS.order. Idelfonso Reina is convinced of the LiSEC software products they use: “We control our whole production with prod, from the planning to the final cutting management. The LiSEC software supports us in different areas at our every-day work.” “What matters most to us is the personal component – we count on interpersonal relations with our customers, and that’s also what we value about our cooperation with LiSEC. We appreciate the after sales service and we are 100 % satisfied with the performance of LiSEC,” Ildefonso Reina said. Today, Cristaleria Reina employs 55 people and their customers are mainly from Andalusia. The proximity to their customers and personal consulting are their success factors. This strategy allowed them to weather the economic crisis in 2008. “We focused on stable growth and we wanted to be well-known and recognized in our region,” says Javier Garcia, Sales Manager at Cristaleria Reina. The crisis disrupted their plan to add an area for glass decoration like mirrors, colorful ornaments and engraving with sandblast technique, but this project is now again in discussion. They are also prepared for the trend towards high end glass: Their machinery park is equipped with plants for coated and energy-saving glass elements.

About the company
LiSEC based in Hausmening/Amstetten is a globally active group, which has been offering innovative individual and overall solutions in the field of processing and refining of flat glass for more than 50 years. LiSEC’s service portfolio comprises machines, automation solutions and services. LiSEC develops and produces glass cutting and sorting systems, individual components and entire production lines for the production of insulating and laminated glass as well as machines for the processing of glass edges and tempering systems.

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