The Future of Glass from Saint-Gobain

October 3, 2018 Technical Articles0

SAGEGLASS Is An Innovative Electrochromic Glass That Tints On Demand

Architectural designs demand a complex matrix of requirements today. A static glass can only do so much in blending a multitude of functionalities along with the creative aesthetic intents. SGG Glass Future, from the house of Saint-Gobain, is the face of pioneering glazing solutions that gels dynamism with performance, creating infinite possibilities in the glazing space.

The Future of Glass from Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, has been named among the top 100 global innovators for the seventh consecutive year. The company boasts of a repertoire of products that have been prudently designed to align with the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all. In the spirit of defining the way to future, SGG Glass Future products afford a flexibility in controlling and customizing the design and performance of glass.
SAGEGLASS – Dynamic glass for a changing world
SAGEGLASS is an innovative electrochromic glass that can tint on demand allowing an unparalleled control on indoor environment and design possibilities. SAGEGLASS can respond to the exterior conditions and adjust the tint and performance to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. By extension, SAGEGLASS, through unique control systems that can manage light, glare and energy usage, eliminates the traditional sun control systems that rely on human supervision. SAGEGLASS is a fundamental shift in the way we experience buildings and a revolution in the possibilities in *Case study* Mall of America in Minnesota is the country’s largest retail and entertainment destination. The 4.9 million square-foot complex attracts over 40 million visitors annually, the most for any mall in America. But with sunlight flooding in from above, the mall had to find a way to control glare and solar heat gain to maintain guest comfort. Project designers wanted to avoid the use of shades and blinds, due to concerns about blocking natural daylight and diminishing the entrance’s “wow” factor. To maximize natural light infiltration and provide guests with a comfortable experience, Mall of America chose to install electronically tintable SageGlass® glazing for the skylight. The 3,500 square-foot SageGlass installation is composed of 300 individual SageGlass panes and operates automatically via light sensors. Tinting can also be controlled manually as needed for special events. With the help of SageGlass, Mall of America is nowcreating a memorable first impression for guests entering the complex. Saint-Gobain recently announced its first order of SageGlass in India for Monte Carlo – the renowned infrastructure, energy, real estate and construction giant in Ahmedabad. Monte Carlo India will use SageGlass for their corporate headquarters located in Ahmedabad. Speaking on the engagement, an official spokesperson of Monte Carlo Group said, “We are happy to partner with Saint-Gobain for its latest offering, SageGlass. We are looking forward to building our corporate office as a towering example of sustainable design and construction which is both energyefficient and enhances comfort.”
PRIVA-LITE – Privacy at your command
PRIVA-LITE from Saint-Gobain is another technological revolution that allows occupants to choose between transparency and translucency at the touch of a switch and thereby control their privacy. Light transmission is almost identical in both the states. PRIVA-LITE may be installed either as interior glass, or as a façade. Partitions, floors, doors, windows and even walls may be equipped with PRIVA-LITE. Despite high light transmission, it ensures low power consumption. SGG Priva-Lite has fulfilled the need of mobile and dynamic space organization in all spheres rom healthcare and hospitality to bedroom spaces to transportation as well.
*Case study* – Innovative glass for interior design continues to be on track for Saint- Gobain as it collaborates and creates yet another landmark project – glazing the specially designed Vistadome Coaches of the Indian Railways. The glass features on the roof enable an unparalleled view of the panoramic vistas. The special dome-shaped coach also comes with an exclusive glass observation lounge to allow uninterrupted sight-seeing. Architects are researching and experimenting with new and complex façade forms and designs. Yes, design as well. Saint-Gobain is all set to demonstrate its manufacturing prowess once again with another innovative product from its range – PICTUREit. PICTUREit is a publishing canvas like any other, except that it is glass. Any image or vector file can be processed and printed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. PICTUREit is just what one needs to unleash creativity on glass! With the new-age products that embody style with smart technology, Saint-Gobain Glass Future heralds the future of glass where design and performance are married to open new horizons in glazing universe.


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