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In the first three quarters of 2018, in the face of the severe situation of economic downturn, the glass industry pushed forward the supply-side structural reform, and the economy of the whole industry maintained a stable and sound development trend. From January to November, China’s total output of plate glass reached 792.42 million weight cases increased by 1.2% as compared with the same period last year. The price level recovered rationally, therefore the average ex-factory price rose 4.7% on year-on-year basis in the January-September period. The profit reached 9.1 billion Yuan as increased by 34% on year-on-year basis (from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). The performance of glass industry in 2018 was generally smooth to make progress. Economic benefits and industrial structure of glass industry were continued to get improved, meanwhile the industry value-added growth rate maintained at same level of the year before last.

As a grand event of the global glass industry, the China Glass Exhibition has presented the progress and achievements of the glass industry with an extremely large scale, international perspective and professional services, since it was initiated in 1986. The 30th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2019) will be held at China International Exhibition Center (new venue) in Beijing from May 22 to 25, 2019.


China Glass 2019 is a national level, international and professional glass industry exhibition which was approved by the Ministry of Commerce. It is not only the largest and most authoritative platform for glass industry, but also a shortcut for overseas manufacturers into the Asia-pacific market and the authority platform for domestic brand to show strength to global glass industry. With the industrial chain platform of the China Glass Exhibition, most glass industry manufacturers carry out business dialogue and technical exchanges. China Glass 2019 will comprehensively present the latest achievements of the industry development, while the global glass industry will once again focus on China.


Super-large Scale Attract Industry Giants

A great number of exhibitors have already applied for booths since the preparatory work of China Glass 2019 started. Up to now, there are 830 exhibitors to have confirmed booths, including 610 domestical companies and 220 foreign manufacturers. China Glass 2019 will be the biggest glass industrial trade fair for its more than 100,000 square meters exhibiting area scale. Big brand manufacturers from home and abroad will showcase on this event, including China Building Materials Academy, Triumph Group, China Glass Holdings, CSG Holding, China Yaohua Glass Group, Jinjing Group, Shanghai SYP Glass, Kibing Group, Luoyang Float Glass Group, Hebei Yingxin, Ruitai Materials Technology, Taiwan Glass, Xinyi Glass, Shanxi Lihu, Shahe Glass Group, Luoyang North Glass, Mingte Glass, Land Glass, LiSec, Glaston, Bystronic, AGC, Von Ardenne, Vesuvius, SEPR, Dip-tech, etc.

It should be noticed that many manufacturers in the fields of glass processing and glass production and applications have asked for increasing booth area to showcase their new machines and products, including Kibing Group, Xinyi Glass, Tianjin Dinganda glass, Shandong Fangding Safety Glass, Hangzhou Yugong smart machinery, Anhui Jingling Glass Machinery, Bengbu Chaoyang Glass Machinery, Luoyang Gangxin Glass Technology, Luoyang Fuchong Machinery, Foshan Shunde Lifeng Machinery, Jinan Lutai Machine.

Three state pavilions which are respectively organized by BMWI, VDMA, ICE Italy, GIMAV-VITRUM and Dam Associates Inc settle down to hall E1 as always. There will be a flat glass manufacturer from Nigeria to make their first appearance at China Glass 2019 and nearly 30 glass manufacturers from countries along the “One Belt and One Road” have set up their stags in the international exhibition area. These confirm the internationalization level of China Glass 2019 and indicate that the Chinese market is attracting global attention.


A Panorama for Advanced Technology of Glass Industry

As a professional glass trade fair is as same famous as Glasstec of Germany, China Glass 2019 will set 6 theme areas including international pavilion, glass sheet production, comprehensive manufacturer, processing machinery, raw materials and hardware accessory. China Glass 2019 will keep abreast of market trends and showcase innovative glass products, products and cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing technologies and equipment from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Highlight A, many foreign companies change the former showcase way by increasing booth area to display its latest equipments and products, such as LiSec, Bystronic, Glaston, Von Ardenne, AGC, etc.

Highlight B, China is a major energy consumer in the world, and the total building energy consumption accounts for more than 25% of the total energy consumption of the whole society. Building energy conservation has become a national strategic task. A large number of manufacturers will focus on the latest products and production equipment in the field of building energy conservation.

Highlight C, Low-carbon, energy-saving and green development bring on higher requirements for innovation in the glass industry and the rapid development of electronic information and new energy industry demands more innovation in glass industry. The glass industry will develop towards high quality, green, multi-functional, high value-added and high-tech processed products. Plate glass industry chain will be further extended. This year’s exhibition will also feature a large number of innovative technologies and products in these fields including photoelectric glass, fireproof glass, intelligent robot, electrochromic glass, display glass, smart phone screen protection glass.


Professional Promotion Online and Offline

China Glass 2019 will go far beyond the presentation of technology, products, equipment and system applications. There will be series seminars and conferences to be held during China Glass 2019 including Forum on New Glass Technology and Application in Architecture, alongside other seminars would be held by famous manufacturers in the industry. China Glass 2019 will provide more communication space to exhibitors, visitors, industry leaders, small and medium-sized enterprises, which would be have the opportunity to integrate into the social circle of China Glass 2019. At the same time, the organizer uses various Internet tools and social media platforms to promote the exhibition and invite visitors in an all-round way, actively organizes international and domestic visitors groups, and promotes the communication between visitors and exhibitors.

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