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Nurture New Driving Forces for Glass Industry

As a glass industry’s wind vane, the 30th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2019) will take place at China International Exhibition Center (new venue) in Beijing from May 22 to 25, 2019. Gathering various glass categories including glass production, glass application, technology glass, glass processing equipment, raw materials and refractory materials, China Glass 2019 will maintain the concept of professionalization, internationalization and scale-up and will depend on its platform so as to share information, promote integration, and facilitate the transformation and upgrading in the glass industry.

Through further moving forward the supply-side structural reform in 2018, Chinese glass industry was in the status of smooth economic running with much more optimized industrial structure and increased industrial profits. Annual sales revenue and total profit in flat glass industry achieved RMB76 billions and RMB11.6 billions and increased by 7.2% and 29.1% respectively. The annual output of domestic glass products was 7.28 million tons. In terms of processed glass including tempered glass, laminated glass and insulating glass, the annual output had increased slightly. In 2019, China’s economy will maintain a steady and positive development trend. The glass industry is generally stable in macro environment. Driven by new real estate projects and energy-saving reconstruction of buildings, the field of building glass is expected to remain stable. The photovoltaic and photothermal glass and the automotive glass will keep growing. At the same time, the promotion of policies related to the intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, the “One Belt And One Road” initiative and the consumption upgrading in the domestic market will provide new growth points for the development of the glass industry.

Mainstream Brands Assembled in China Glass 2019

As one of the two main glass exhibitions in the world and the biggest event of the global glass industry in 2019, China Glass 2019 will bring a trade platform and technical arena for international glass community by its international and professional outlook.

China Glass 2019 has an exhibition area 106,800 square meters, and attracts 904 companies (including 240 foreign enterprises) from 28 countries including China, the USA, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, etc.

Hall E1 and the eastern part of Hall E2 were set as international area. State pavilions from Germany, Italy and the United States were settled at this area as along with many global glass industry big brands including LiSEC, Glaston, Bystronic, AGC, Von Ardenne, SEFPRO, Vesuvius, DIP-tech, Kuraray, Bohle, Koemmerling, Fenzi, Bottero, Intermac, Carl Zeiss, etc.

Glass manufacturer and large equipment provider were distributed in Hall E3 and the western part of Hall E2, such as: China Building Materials Academy, Triumph Group, China Glass Holdings, CSG Holding, China Yaohua, Jinjing Group, Shanghai SYP Glass, Kibing Group, Luoyang Float Glass Group, Hebei Yingxin, Ruitai Materials Technology, TAIWANGLASS, Xinyi Glass, SHANXI LIHU, Shahe Glass Group, HIHO Glass, North Glass, Mountain Glass, Land Glass, etc.

Hall E4, W2, W3 and W4 was occupied by glass process manufacturer, such as EI Automation Equipment, GOLIVE, Guangdong Fushan Glass, South Glass Technology, Beijing BOZA, Jinan Weili, Tenon(Beijing), Beijing MGM Glass, Shandong Fangding, Guilin Champion Union, Lewei Science & Technology, Dardi water cutter, Shandong Sanjin Glass, Mr. Glass, etc. Moreover, a large number of small and medium enterprises which specialized at abrasive tools, decorative glass, grinding materials, accessories and glass hardware were allocated to Hall W1.

A New Level of Internationalization

Compared with the previous exhibition, the exhibition area and the number of foreign exhibitors in this exhibition have increased greatly. The increase of exhibition scale also shows the confidence of domestic and foreign manufacturers in the Chinese market. Three state pavilions which are respectively organized by BMWI, VDMA, ICE Italy, GIMAV-VITRUM and Dam Associates Inc settle down to hall E1 as always. Nearly 30 glass manufacturers from the countries along the “One Belt and One Road” have set up their stags in the international exhibition area. There are 24 manufacturers from Germany, Italy, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria and other countries to participate in China Glass for the first time. It can be seen that foreign manufacturers attach great importance to China’s glass industry and the international influence of China glass exhibition.

The Forums Theme Focus on New Glass Technology and Application

The 2019 Forum on New Glass Technology and Application in Architecture will take stage during the event. The forum will invites the authorities from relevant governments, enterprises and academic research institutions at home and abroad including China, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and Korea, in order to discuss how to foster new drivers of industrial development through innovation-driven and technological change, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading and the integrated development in glass and architecture industry under the trend of the glass industry’s cut-overcapacity and the architecture industry’s driving-force transformation. At the same time, many domestic and foreign manufacturers also choose to hold new product release conferences, promotional activities and technical lectures during the glass exhibition, with the help of the glass exhibition platform to carry out exchanges and expand business opportunities.

The China Glass Exhibition has ever been an authoritative platform for releasing the updated glass products and technologies. At the this year’s glass show, China Building Materials Academy will display its new products in fields of quartz glass and special glass, intelligent robot for glass safety inspection, as well as glass deep processing products and technologies applied in the field of aerospace. Triumph Group will display its latest product in the fields of information display, energy saving and safety, new energy glass, including touch screen of high aluminum cover glass, ultra white float glass and ultra white rolled glass; China Glass Holdings limited  will showcase its innovative products in the field of energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy, including Online Sun-E and Sun-R series reflective glass, Ultra white uv resistant glass and High Transmittance Glass. Shanghai SYP Glass Group is presenting a board rang of innovative products, focus on low-E coated glass, automotive glass and energy-saving insulating glass for buildings, including ink-jet printed glazed glass, hyperbolic curved tempered glass, high-end tri-silver low-E coated products. LiSEC company will bring a new solution to the production of insulating glass — LiSEC automatic stationary sorting system to realize efficient production through the whole process automation, Bystronic company will focus on insulating glass and automotive glass production and processing field and will show its patented technology – TPS ® thermoplastic spacer process, as well as the TPS ® insulating glass production line. Liaoning North Glass will bring its latest laminated glass production line and autoclave products with a new industrial design appearance.

Professional Services Online and Offline

In order to further expand the scale of professional visitors, the exhibition strengthened the cooperation with domestic and foreign glass industry media. The advertisements are issued in a big way in various domestic medias that involve in the glass, window curtain and glass printing. Meanwhile, the international medias in western are gradually increased in Germany, Italy, Britain, Spain and South America. Through the increased cooperation medias, China Glass has already expanded the international influence. At the same time, we will make use of internet media tools to carry out promotion work, invite industrial buyers worldwide, provide various online registration methods in the social network and the exhibition website, and provide convenient visiting services for professional audiences at home and abroad.

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2019 Forum on New Glass Technology and Application in Architecture


2019 Forum on New Glass Technology and Application in Architecture which organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society and sponsored by Bystronic Glass Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will be held in Beijing on May 21, 2019.

The forum is aimed to build a dialogue and technical exchange platform for the in-depth integration and innovative development between architecture and glass industry. The previous forum attracted more than 600 industrial elites from home and abroad. The forum becomes an annual influential conference which recognized by the industries with its authority and professional high rank image.

The energy consumption of the construction industry increases sharply in the process of China urbanization. Under the guidance of relevant government policies, China has been accelerating its efforts to reduce the building energy consumption and promote the development of green buildings. The innovative development of the glass industry and the emerging technological innovation especially in the field of insulating glass provide a large number of products and solutions for energy conservation building and green buildings. As the forum theme is Innovation, integration and development, we shall invite the authorities from relevant governments, enterprises and academic research institutions at home and abroad including China, Switzerland, Germany and the USA to discuss how to foster new drivers of industrial development through innovation-driven and technological change, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading and the integrated development in glass and architecture industry under the trend of the glass industry’s cut-overcapacity and the architecture industry’s driving-force transformation. The speech topics will cover the interpretation of policies and industrial standards in the field of building energy conservation, the application cases of new glass technologies in the field of Ultra-low-energy building, the innovative technologies and application prospects about insulation glass and so on.

The forum is concurrently held with the 30th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2019) as the biggest trade fair in global glass industry in 2019. Over 200 guests have already confirmed their presence, which come from the domestic and foreign industry organizations, enterprises, VDMA, China Building Materials Academy, China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd., China Glass Holdings Limited, Germany Koemmerling Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., domestic engineering technology companies and the well-known manufacturers in other industries. The organizer will issues 100 official invitations to applicants after receiving registration application.

Forum Theme

Innovation, integration and development,


Organizer: Chinese Ceramic Society

Sponsor: Bystronic Glass Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Date & Address

Date: May 21, 2019 at 13:00

Address: Grand Ballroom of Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast No. 26, Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.


12:00-13:00  May 21 REGISTRATION
13:00-13:05  May 21 ADDRESS
13:00-13:05 Address from leader of the Chinese Ceramic Society
13:05-17:00  May 21 KEY-NOTE SPEECH
Guest Host: Mr. Han Gaorong

Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering of Zhejiang University

13:05-13:50 Application and Development of New Glass in Strategic Emerging Industries

Mr. Peng Shou

Vice President of the Chinese Ceramic Society, Chairman of Advisory Committee of International Glass Association, Chairman of Triumph Group, Director of State Key Laboratory of Float Glass New Technology, Director of China Glass Development Center of UN

13:50-14:35 The Latest Generation of Insulating Glass Sealing System4SG

Dr. Norbert Schott  Head of Technology Kommerling

Global Director for IG Fuller

14:35-15:20 Technical Demands from Ultra-Energy-Building to High-performance Energy-Saving Glass

Mr. Yu Zhen  Director of R & D Center for High Performance Building of China Academy of Building Research

15:20-16:05 TPS® Technology for Premium Insulating Glass in Commercial and Residential Buildings

Mr. Gernot Pirnbaum  Senior Sales Engineering Leader of Bystronic Glass(Germany)

16:05-16:50 4SG Advanced Performance and Automation

Mr. Eric Damesworth  Senior Manager of Manufacturing Engineering of PGT Innovations

16:50-17:00 Q & A
17:00-17:30  May 21 TEA BREAKS & SOCIAL TIME
17:30-19:30  May 21 BANQUET



Seminar for China Glass 2019


Date Topic Speaker & Company


1 May 22


Glaston News Release 2019 Mr. Huang Yinwu

Glaston Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

2 May 22


Innovative Application of High Intensity EVA Interlayer Film for Nipper Roller Process Laminated Glass Mr. Colin Quan

Shanghai HIUV New Materials Co., Ltd.

3 May 22


A New Solution for Insulating Glass Mr. Yan Minghao

Panjin CLL Insulating Glass Material Co., Ltd.

4 May 22


Water-soluble Printing Ink for High-temperature Glazed Glass Mr. Wang Guojun

Shanghai Zhibei Green Technology Co., Ltd.

5 May 22


Your Partner for Perfect Glass-BENTELER Zhang Wenhui  Technical glass division

Paul Zhou Automobile glass business division

Qiule Chen, Olaf Patsch Building glass division

Benteler Maschinenbau GmbH

6 May 22


Guangdong Glass Industry New Products Recommendation-Intelligent Equipment and Intelligent Glass Factory ① Mr. Zhou Junshan

Guangdong South Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

②Mr. Lu Siyuan

Guangdong Golive Glass Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

③Mr. Liao Zhongming

Foshan Bosmak CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.

④Mr. Zhao Zhifei

Humam Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd.

⑤Mr. Peng Huisheng

Guangdong Fushan Technology Co., Ltd.

7 May 23


A Comparison of Various De-airing Methods for Windshields, Sidelites and Sunroofs Production Serhat Oran

OLBRICHT Automation GmbH

8 May 23


DURR CCF Technology Applied in Flue Gas Treatment for Glass Industry Mr. Davis Yan

DURR Clean Technology Systems (Air Pollution Control)

9 May 23


UV Technology UV Art and UV Function in Glass Decoration Mr. He Ping

Hangzhou Ke Wang Special Ink Co., Ltd.

10 May 23


Guangdong Glass Industry New Products Recommendation-High Quality Raw Materials and High Quality Glass ①Mr. Bob Jiang

Dongguan Qunan Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

②Mr. Lu Mingcheng

Kingboard (Fogang) Chemical Co., Ltd.

③Mr. Qin Hongsheng

Guangdong Fullsbond New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

11 May 23


New Technologies Leading Glass Tank and Regenerator On-Line Maintenance and Repairs Robert D. Chambers

Fosbel Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd.

12 May 23


Energy Saving & Environmental Friendly:Emisshiled Coating Improves Glass Industry Competitiveness. Tianjin New Century Refractories Co., Ltd.
13 May 23


FANUC Promote Intelligent Manufacturing of  Glass Industry

FANUC Intelligent Robot Technology

Mr. Eric Cao

Dr. Wang Qiyuan

Shanghai-FANUC Robotics Co., Ltd.




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